Straight Stairlifts

Our range of straight stairlifts are suitable for a wide range of locations and deliver a safe and reliable way to overcome the problems posed by stairs.

Unique streamlined design means that these stairlifts provide maximum comfort and strength while taking up as little hallway space as possible. Many of our units can be folded up and, using a remote control, sent to any point on the track to keep the stairway clear for other users. There are also options for hinged tracks which automatically move the track away from doors and other through routes when not in use.

All our stairlift controllers are simple to use, and offer many different innovations to help users with limited mobility. A easy swivel function will turn the seat towards the landing making dismounting safe and secure. There are also a range of other safety features available including a clip seatbelt, footplate with antislip covering and a key switch will allows the lift to be temporarily disabled to prevent unauthorised use.

Ransome Mobility stock a range of different straight stairlifts from the UK’s best manufacturers. Our team can guide you through all the options available and make sure that you get the lift which is perfect for your needs – both now and as your requirements develop. We offer full installation of any unit and can support your purchase with an unmatched aftersales service including our own manufacturer trained maintenance team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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