Zero Rating for VAT

If you are a charity or a disabled person you can apply for the zero-rating of the VAT portion of your product and/or service, including mobility aids for the home supplied by Ransome Mobility Solutions.

This relief is provided under Group 14 of Schedule 5 to the Value Added Tax Act 1983.

If you would like more information on whether you would eligible for a zero-rating of VAT please contact us for advice. Alternatively, you can obtain free advice from the VAT National Advice Service on 0845 010900

How can I apply for zero-rating of VAT?

To claim eligibility for zero-rating you will need to complete and sign an ‘Application For Zero Rating of V.A.T’.

We can provide this simple form for you to complete, sign and return to us at the time of your order. Alternatively, you can download the form (Word format) by clicking the link below.

Download Application For Zero Rating of VAT Form (Word) >

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If you experience difficulties in and outside the home but are not sure what mobility aids you need, Ransome Mobility Solutions can help. We offer a full range of mobility aids including straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, wheelchair stairlifts and car adaptations to make life easier. Our experts know that needs change over time and what you need now may not be suitable in the future. We specialise in forming long term relationships with our customers, supporting them now and as their requirements alter.

Choosing the Right Mobility Aids

Whatever your reasons for considering mobility aids, Ransome Mobility will advise you on choosing the right products. It means wherever possible, our products will continue to assist you as your needs change with time. By recommending the right mobility aids now, we aim to save our customers money in the long run as our products are designed to see you through some of the changes you may experience.

Ransome’s sales staff have many years’ experience and knowledge of mobility aids and we have maintained excellent standards for more than 30 years. Our staff also have the awareness and understanding of many conditions, both illness and injury related, so we are well placed to advise our customers. As we are not tied to a particular manufacturer, we are truly in the best position to offer the best mobility aids for your requirements.

At Ransome Mobility Solutions, our staff work with customers who have reduced mobility due to age, accident or illness. We also supply mobility aids to help children and teenagers and assist them as they grow.

Straight Stairlifts or Curved Stairlifts?

If you are thinking about buying a stairlift, the main choice will be between straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. This will depend on the type of staircase you have and how many flights of stairs you have. If you have a single, straight staircase, then one of our straight stairlifts will be appropriate. And if your staircase is curved in any way, one of our curved stairlifts will be required. But what about multiple flights of straight stairs? Some staircases have a landing halfway up where the stairs change direction. And some houses have more than two storeys and, hence, more than one flight of stairs. Straight stairlifts can be fitted to each individual flight, but this requires the user to get off the lift at the top of each section and get onto the next one. Multiple straight stairlifts may be a good solution initially, but if mobility decreases it may become more useful to choose a curved stairlift to connect all the straight sections together, providing the user with an uninterrupted journey.

Apart from the choice between curved and straight stairlifts, it is important to consider that some requirements change over time. Our experts will talk through the options so that you get the right product for you.

Straight Stairlifts & Curved Stairlifts – contact us now to discuss your requirements. We offer all customers a free quotation and survey >

The Need for Stairlifts: Children

Children who have difficulty negotiating the stairs may need a stairlift, especially as they get older and want more independence. They become more difficult to carry and their needs and requirements change as they grow. There are child seats available, which consist of an adult stairlift with a child-friendly attachment. It means there is no need to replace the stairlift with a new one as they get older.

The Need for Stairlifts: Short Term Stairlift Requirements

Some people only need a stairlift for short term rental. This is because there are some conditions that don’t worsen over time, but improve. For example, someone who has come out of hospital and is recovering from an accident or illness and still needs assistance using the stairs as they recuperate. In this case rented stair lifts are a good idea because they are only used in the short term. However, please note: stairlift rental is only available for straight staircases.

The Need for Stairlifts: Degenerative Illnesses

Your requirements for a stairlift may change over time and those suffering from degenerative illnesses may benefit from a stairlift. MS for example, is a disease of the central nervous system and is a condition which generally affects young adults. Symptoms vary from fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness, slurred speech, vision problems and walking difficulties. These symptoms can also change from day to day, with periods of relapse and sometimes part or complete recovery. A stairlift may help in a small way to make life easier. Straight or curved stairlifts can also be used as an aid for the blind or visually impaired.

The Need for Stairlifts: Mobility Issues Caused By Ageing

As we get older, our joints and muscles do not work as well as they used to. A stairlift helps anyone who has difficulty using the stairs and although a stairlift will be used just as a method of getting from A to B at first, later options such as a powered swivel seat or footrest, may be needed. For instance an elderly person who may develop back problems or have difficulties bending their knees, may benefit from a powered footrest because it means you can fold away your stairlift without having to bend down. A perch option is also worth considering for someone with hip or knee problems and has difficulty sitting down.

Other Changing Requirements

There are also other circumstances too, that may change over time – here are some examples:

Weight Changes: A person might get heavier with a certain condition because of lack of exercise and may require a heavy duty model.

Loss of Hand Movement: A person with arthritis may lose mobility in their fingers so require additional features. However stairlifts generally come with easy to use controls although some are more user friendly in terms of hand mobility than other models.

A Second Person in the Home Requires a Stairlift: If more than one person in a household also requires the use of a stairlift, you will need a model with two remote controls which makes it possible for another person to call the stairlift down. Having two remote controls is also useful for a single user who does not always need to use the stairlift – e.g. for going up but not down, or where the person has good days and bad days.

If you are buying a straight or a curved stairlift either for you or a member of your family at Ransome’s we talk through the options and not only look at the picture now, but at future requirements to illuminate the need to upgrade. This saves money in the long run, so a customer only has to buy once.

Car Adaptations

Car adaptations are generally geared to someone’s condition at the current time. If you are a car driver and have experienced foot mobility loss, there are some forms of car adaptations already on the market to enable you to continue to drive, such as left foot pedals. Push and pull hand systems are another option and can be used for braking and accelerating. Some of these options, such as a left foot pedal, can be changed back for an able-bodied partner to use.

There are also car adaptations suitable for children with disabilities as their passenger needs change over time. This includes the Milford Person Lift, which works to lift a person in and out of the car to a wheelchair and vice versa. There are also swivel seats available for easy movement in and out of a car and wheelchairs that also double up as a passenger seat in the front of the car. Other options include lifts or hoists with child or adult seats and harnesses for either children or adults.

Car Adaptations – click here for more information on the range of services we offer >

Ransome Mobility specialise in the sale and installation of aids for mobility. We work with domestic and commercial customers in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northampton, Cambridge and Peterborough providing high quality mobility products combined with unmatched after-sales support. If you would like help choosing mobility aids to suit your requirements, please contact us. We offer a free survey and quotation for the majority of our products and our friendly sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are suitable for a wide range of locations to assist in getting up and down straight staircases. Designed with comfort, safety and reliability in mind, they are strong and sturdy and are designed with many built in safety features. Many of our units can be folded up and sent to any point on the track by remote control. This keeps the stairway clear for other users. Other options like hinged tracks automatically move the tracks away from doors and other through routes when not in use.

The stairlift controls are simple to use with many different options helping users with limited mobility. An easy swivel function turns the seat towards the landing for ease of dismount and there is a range of other safety features available including a seatbelt, a footplate with anti-slip covering and a key switch allowing the lift to be temporarily switched off, preventing unauthorised use.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts transport a seated user up a curved flight of steps. Suitable for both homes and public buildings, the track on curved stairlifts is made to measure to perfectly fit the space. Curved stairlifts can usually be fitted in awkward or narrow hallways, around tight bends and even on spiral staircases. Contact a member of our team today for a free survey and quotation.

Ransome Mobility stock only products from the most respected of stairlift manufacturers including Minivator, Freelift, Handiecare, Home Adapt, Accsess, BDD and Bruno.

Wheelchair Lifts

Ransome Mobility offer a wide range of wheel chair lifts for use either in the home, or in public premises. This includes wheelchair lifts for both internal and external use. Options are available with a free-standing design meaning that load-bearing walls are not always required and doors and internal controls can be placed on the left or right increasing your choice of locations.

Designed with safety, flexibility and independence in mind, our access solutions render everything from the smallest step to a stairway rising several metres, problem free. All our lifts are developed from the point of view of the user and every incorporated innovation is designed to make the operation of the lift as straight forward as possible. Our lifts come with options including powered doors and remote controls all of which have been designed to make the user’s life as comfortable and independent as possible.

Safety is paramount and our range of lifts feature some exceptional safety features, including safety edges which automatically stop the lift if it is touched or obstructed in any way. Sensors located in the floating platform which automatically stop the lift if its descent is obstructed. Our lifts can also feature timer-controlled lights to illuminate the lift car and grab handles for ease of personal manoeuvrability. Our multi purchase seat allows you to grab hold of it from numerous angles and we can even fit an emergency backup power system to lower the lift if the power is cut and an emergency alarm to notify others of any danger.

Our helpful team will be happy to guide you through all the options available and make sure that you get the lift which ideally suits your needs. We offer the full installation service for any unit and support your purchase with unmatched after sales service. For your peace of mind, our own manufacturer trained maintenance team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Public Access

At Ransome’s Mobility we can tailor any of our range of mobility products to increase public access in your commercial and public buildings. We provide and install a wide range of products and brands from leading manufacturers and are therefore able to advise on the best and most cost effective solutions for your building, helping you increase access for all and comply with the latest DDA legislation.

If you would like to discuss your access requirements and seek a bespoke solution to improve your access provision then please call one of our advisors.

Aids for Mobility – contact us now for more information and to discuss your requirements >

Mobility aids are designed to help a person back on to the path of independence when they are experiencing a loss of mobility. A sudden loss of mobility can occur for many different reasons such as following an accident which may be work, sporting or transport-related or caused by an assault. It can also be caused by some types of illness such as neurological damage following a stroke.

Although the causes leading to a sudden loss of mobility can vary, as can the severity of them and whether they are temporary or permanent, on an emotional level it is common for the person to experience a wide range of difficult emotions as they deal with the situation they are facing.

These can include anger, sorrow, disbelief, fear, panic, self-blame, guilt, denial, anxiety and vulnerability because they are suddenly thrust into unfamiliar territory. The person is likely to experience a loss of identity as they feel they are no longer the person they used to be because they cannot do all the things they could before. They may also experience a loss of income and have to depend on other people to do certain tasks for them, which can feel frightening and unsettling.

Whilst mobility aids will not help the person to deal with any of this, they can be of great help at this very challenging time, on a physical level, providing practical solutions to some of the new challenges the person faces. The right mobility aids such as stair lifts, wheel chair lifts and vehicle adaptations can help restore independence and allow greater freedom of movement both inside the home and when driving. Read on for more information on the range of mobility aids available and how they can help.

Mobility Aids

Click to view our range of Straight Stairlifts | Curved Stairlifts | Vehicle Adaptations

From home to transport adaptations, there are many different types of mobility aids on the market today which can assist you. Here we look at each of the main ones in turn, to help you decide which may be of assistance to you, a friend or relative.

 Straight or Curved Stairlifts

If you are coping with a sudden loss of mobility, there are different mobility aids that can help regain independence around the home. If getting up and downstairs is a struggle, a stairlift gives you access to all floors of your property.

A stairlift can be installed either permanently, or temporarily, to assist in recovery. Straight and curved stairlifts are used by people of all ages to provide greater freedom of movement.

A straight or curved stairlift helps you move safely from one floor to another. Straight stairlifts can be installed on standard straight staircases and curved stairlifts are designed for a staircase with either a bend or a curve. Although straight stairlifts can be rented, this is not possible for curved stairlifts as these have to be individually tailored to a person’s home. However we do offer a small selection of reconditioned curved stairlifts, which can provide a cheaper alternative to a new one.

For more information on our range of Straight Stairlifts and Curved Stairlifts, please follow these links. We sell a wide range of stairlifts with different features and benefits to suit varying requirements. For more information and a free survey, please contact our friendly team who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Call 0844 856 9790.

Wheelchair Stairlifts

If you have suffered from a mobility loss either through accident or illness, a wheelchair is a key mobility aid. However, using it at home can be difficult if you have to negotiate steps or stairs either inside or outside of your property. A wheel chair lift or through the floor lift, can provide the answer, to enable you to move freely over steps and between floors.

The Wessex Step Lift can be installed inside or outside the house or anywhere where you have a limited number of steps to negotiate. It lifts up to 225 kg and can be used for heights up to 500 mm. Its shallow ramp allows for easy access and its wide platform is suitable for all wheelchairs and power chairs.

If you are looking for wheelchair access to all floors in the home, The Wessex Through Floor lift provides assistance getting about the house. It safe to use and also comes with an emergency back-up system so the alarm and door opening system works even in the event of a power failure. The Wessex Through Floor lift also comes with an independent key switch so you can prevent unauthorised use.

Vehicle Adaptations

One of the best ways to re-gain independence is to have your car adapted so you can have the freedom to get out and about as and when you need. Vehicle adaptations can include mobility aids that help you to get into and out of a vehicle safely as either a driver, or passenger. These aids include wheelchair hoists designed for scooters and wheelchairs, the Carony Drive System (so you can drive while seated in an adaptable wheelchair) and Powered or Manual Swivel Seats, which are used to provide easy access to and from a vehicle.

As a driver, there are also several adaptations that can be made to vehicles to help you drive. Many of these adaptations can also be temporarily disabled, so another family member can use the car as and when necessary.

Driver adaptations include hand instead of foot controls for braking and accelerating and Steering Wheel Balls for those with difficulty using a conventional steering wheel. Infra-Red Controls enable many functions to be controlled at the touch of a button and a Left Foot Accelerator is available as an alternative to a traditional right foot accelerator.


If you have suffered a sudden mobility loss there mobility aids designed for different needs and requirements. Round and about the home hand-rails, grips and handles all help to make things easier. Even smaller items such as door knob extensions can also make a great difference to your mobility.

Wheelchairs can come with a host of different accessories to make journeys more comfortable such as support cushions and cup holders. If you require standing and walking aids, there are two and three walkers available as well as lightweight and folding options. Walkers are available with all manner of options including handbrakes, seats and bags.

Inside the home, bathroom aids such as bath lifts and toilet adaptations, all help with greater independence. There are also various hoists available to provide assistance getting in and out of bed.

How Ransome Mobility Can Help

Ransome Mobility stocks high quality products from respected manufacturers such as Simplicity, Homeadapt, Freelift, Platinum, Access BDD and Wessex. As we are not tied to just one manufacturer we can give free impartial advice, so we can recommend exactly the right products for the customer. We also offer a competitive service to provide exactly what you need at the best possible prices.

In addition, Ransome Mobility offers an unrivalled customer care service with an in-house team of engineers offering round the clock assistance to answer any queries you may have. We offer 24 hour support, 265 days a year, on any stairlift issues and respond quickly in the event of any breakdown. As all installations and repairs are carried out by our qualified engineers, we can get things working for you as soon as possible.

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