Platinum Stairlifts

If you are looking to buy a stairlift, Platinum Stairlifts are a great choice as they are designed to suit most budgets and circumstances.

Unlike other manufacturers, Platinum specialise in the design and manufacture of just one lift style, the domestic curved stairlift. This means Platinum has concentrated all its efforts to produce a superior product. The Platinum Curved Stairlift is one of the slimmest stairlifts on the market and is suitable for a wide range of differing staircases. Read on to find out more.

With many years of experience in designing and building stairlifts for curved staircases, Platinum offer high standards of excellence. Widely known as a benchmark in the industry, Platinum products are exclusively made in the UK, using British suppliers. Its stairlifts also conform to strict codes of practice and standards set by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA).

Platinum Stairlifts are designed to fit snuggly and discreetly into any household and will accommodate the needs of a wide variety of users. Comfort and safety is a priority. They have an easy to use joystick and remote controls so that the lift is simple to call and easy to operate. It can be folded away after use to leave the stairway clear for other users. Built-in safety sensors bring the lift to a stop before it comes into contact with any obstruction on the stairs.

Its PMDC motor allows for a smooth and gentle ride up and down the stairs. In addition, Platinum stairlifts have a built-in safety brake to slow the lift on descent. Plump padding and cushioning provide ultimate comfort and a manual or powered swivel seat option allows for easier dismounting. Powerful batteries ensure the lift still operates even in a power failure and a retractable seatbelt comes as standard.

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