Top Tips for Keeping Your WAV Roadworthy During the Lockdown

Used WAVs for sale Suffolk - Car care during lockdown

The current outbreak of coronavirus means that a lot of us are now working from home or furloughed.  With all but essential travel restricted, our cars are sitting in garages and on driveways and rarely being driven – if at all.

Here Ransome Mobility, who have a wide selection of used WAVs for sale in Suffolk, Essex and throughout East Anglia, offer some handy hints on how to keep your vehicle in good working order, even if it isn’t being driven.

Don’t Let the Battery Run Flat

If you don’t turn the engine over regularly, you will soon find that the battery will run flat. To avoid this problem, just turn the key in the ignition once a week and let the engine run for about 15 minutes.

This will help prevent any background electrical devices, such as security systems, from draining the battery. Running it for this length of time will also help circulate oil and fuel around the engine, which avoids the risk of it flooding if your car runs on petrol. Don’t forget to turn on the air conditioning while the engine is running; this helps to keep the system’s seals functioning and lessens the possibility of mould developing.

Don’t run your car engine inside your garage or a confined space such as a car port, because toxic fumes from the exhaust can easily build up. Ensure the vehicle is on the driveway or the road outside your house.

Check Your Tyres

You should always check your tyres before you set off on any long journey or if the vehicle hasn’t been used for a while. The correct pressure should be in your vehicle handbook, on the inside of one of the doors or inside the petrol filler cap. Remember, there are usually two figures, one for ‘normal’ use and another for full loads. The figures are ‘cold’ and assume that the you haven’t driven the vehicle for a couple of hours.

You should also check that your car tyres have the required minimum depth of tread of 1.6mm. An easy way of measuring this is to inset a 20p piece into a tyre groove. If you can see the outer edge of the coin, then the tyres are probably too worn and illegal to use.

Fill it Up with Fuel

Make sure you keep your vehicle topped up with petrol or diesel. Not only will this help if you need to make an emergency journey, but a full tank doesn’t attract condensation, which can cause problems if it’s allowed to build up.

Use the Brakes

If you leave your car parked in the same position for a long period of time with the handbrake on, then the main brakes can seize up due to the discs corroding. When starting your car drive a few metres backwards and forwards and test your brakes are working. This will also help you avoid the problem of the tyres developing flat spots.


If your car is due for its annual MOT, then the UK Government initially announced a six-month amnesty. This came into effect on 30th March 2020 – however mandatory testing has since been reintroduced, effective from August 1, so anyone whose MOT runs out on or after this date must get their vehicle tested. Any drivers whose MOT expires before August 1 still receives a six-month exemption.

You also have a legal duty to ensure that your vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition. So, before you set off on a trip to the shops or pick up a prescription, you should follow all the advice above, as well as checking the vehicle’s levels of oil, coolant and windscreen washer and be sure that all your vehicle’s lights work correctly.

Alternatively, you can apply for a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) if you can store your vehicle on your own driveway or in your garage..However, applying for SORN means you are not allowed to drive your vehicle at all, not even for essential or emergency journeys.

How Ransome Mobility Can Help

If you follow all the above advice, then you shouldn’t have a problem with your car during the current lockdown. If you have any concerns you can always contact us on either 01473 727263, by following this link and filling in the online form, or by emailing us at . If appropriate, we will book your car in for a full service as soon as practically possible.

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