Wheelchair Lifts: Wessex VM Through Floor Lift

Designed to provide the user with greater independence, wheelchair lifts such as the Wessex Through Floor Lift offers people with limited mobility a safe way to move between floors. This hydraulic wheelchair lift can be used in a wide range of settings due to its free-standing design, which does not require a load bearing wall. It is available with 3 platform sizes to accommodate different wheelchair and powerchairs and offers a maximum rise height of 3500 mm.

The lift features as standard LED interior lighting, wall mounted external controls and illuminated internal controls to make it easy to use. It comes with an emergency backup system, which means that the lights, lowering of the light, alarm and opening of the door will all work in the event of a power failure, providing peace of mind that the user will not get stuck in lift. It has an alarm that the user can press, to alert others of any problem and this is supported by a battery backup so that it works at all times. For the safety of the building, the lift also features an integral fire seal.

Additional options for the Wessex Through Floor Lift include a remote control for greater independence as this enables the full use of the lift from a wheelchair. Auto-homing can also be enabled to take the lift back to its upstairs position when not in use to prevent obstruction in other areas. An independent key switch ensures only authorised users can access the lift, preventing misuse. A fixed tip up seat can also be installed to on all models when a wheelchair may not be required.

The Through Floor Lift is for internal use only.

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift
  • Internal illuminated controls
  • Wall Mounted External Controls
  • LED interior lighting
  • 3 available internal platform sizes
  • 3500mm maximum rise height
  • Integral fire seal
  • Audible Alarm (battery backed up for emergency use)
  • Emergency backup system (operates lights, alarm, lowering and door in event of power failure)

 Feature Options

  • Powered Door for easy access
  • Independent Key switch
  • Fixed tip up seat
  • Auto homing (allows lift to automatically return to upstairs position when not in use)
  • Remote control (enable full use of lift from wheelchair)
from £6500
Based on a standard installation. Please note that prices will vary based on individual properties & features