Steering Wheel Knobs and Balls

Steering Wheel Balls are designed to help those who have difficulty holding or turning a steering wheel or have only the use of one hand.

This simple and cost-effective steering ball can give the driver much more control when steering the car. They range from simple balls, to more complex 2 and 3 pin devices for those with impaired hand function.

Ransome Mobility Solutions have installed steering wheel balls in hundreds of different cars for many different types of people and can advise on the best option and positioning for you. By having the steering ball professionally installed by our engineers you can be confident that the fixing is safe and will provide you with the best possible driving experience.

The popular quick release option allows the steering ball device to be quickly detached from the steering wheel when the car is being driven by an able bodied driver.

Key Features

  • Helps those with difficulty holding or turning a steering wheel
  •  Range from simple balls to 2 or 3 pin devices
  •  Quick release options
  • Available under the Motability Scheme at a subsidised rate

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approx £50
Based on a standard installation. Please note that prices will vary based on individual vehicle & features