Straight Stairlifts: Minivator Simplicity 950

The Simplicity Straight Stairlift offers good value for money and is a safe, effective way to maintain your independence in the home if the stairs present a challenge. Designed for comfort and security, it features an adjustable seat height and fully-padded beige seat. It has a manual swivel seat as standard, to make it easier to get in and out of the chair.

Minivator stairlifts benefit from an easy to use toggle control. This is simple to operate even for those with limited dexterity, or arthritic fingers. It means the user does not have to press down on the controls to move the stairlift, instead they just point the toggle in the direction they want to go. The toggle can also be placed to the left or right of the seat for easy operation.

To save on space, the compact Simplicity Stairlift has a fold away seat, arms and footplate as standard. It also benefits from two remote controls, so it can be used by more than one person. The lift has a continuous charge point so it will charge anywhere along the rail and a key switch, to prevent unauthorised use. A safety seatbelt provides added security when the stairlift is in use.

Practical and reliable, this stairlift is available with additional features, depending on the user’s needs. It can come with a manual hinge or a slide track to clear hallway doors. The slide track is unique to Minivator and works as soon as the toggle or remote control is in use. It automatically moves up the stairs at the same time as the lift to ensure hallway doors are not obstructed. A traditional, manual hinge will mean that you will need to raise the track by hand to clear the space.

Standard Features

  • Fully padded beige seat
  • Safety Seat belt
  • Easy to use toggle (can be right or left handed)
  • 2 x remote controls
  • Manual swivel seat for easy seating
  • Space saving fold away seat, arms and footplate
  • Continuous charge point (Lift will charge anywhere on rail)
  • Key Switch
  • Fully Adjustable seat height

Feature Options

  • Unique slide track to clear hallway doors
  • Manual hinged track to clear hallway doors

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from £1,200
Based on a standard installation on straight staircase. Please note that prices will vary based on individual properties & features and location.