Minivator 950 Slide Track

The Minivator 950 Slide Track is a unique solution from Minivator which leaves the doorway and the base of your stairs unobstructed. Similar to a power hinge, it differs from a traditional hinged stairlift in that the track moves up the staircase at the same time as the passenger, working automatically when the toggle or remote control is activated. It can be used with the Simplicity and Simplicity + Straight Stairlifts.

The Minivator 950 Slide Track moves automatically up the stairlift with you. It is shorter than the total length of the staircase and reaches the top of the stairs before the passenger arrives. It is completely safe to use and provides a tidy solution which is ideal for homes with limited space.

It can be used to travel both ways up and down the staircase. On return journeys from the top to the bottom of your stairs, the track again travels down with the user enabling a safe dismount at the bottom.

The Slide Track features safety sensors which will stop the track should there be anything blocking its path during use. The user will then be able to remove the obstacle, if safe to do so and continue on their journey.

Standard Features

  • Fully padded smart seat (range of colour options)
  • Retractable seatbelt
  • Easy to use toggle (can be right or left hand)
  • 2 x remote controls
  • Manual swivel seat for easy dismounting
  • Space saving fold away seat, arms and   footplate
  • Continues charge point (Lift will charge anywhere on rail)
  • Key Switch
  • Fully adjustable seat height

Feature Options

  • Powered Swivel Seat
  • Powered footrest riser
  • Unique slide track to clear hallways and doors
  • Manual hinged track to clear hallways and doors
  • Perch option

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approx £1,500
Based on a standard installation on straight staircase. Please note that prices will vary based on individual properties & features