Left Foot Accelerators

Left foot accelerator pedals are designed to be installed to the left side of the brake pedal. They allow safe operation of the car accelerator pedal with the left foot – helping those who find the conventional placement of the accelerator difficult to use.

There are different types of left foot accelerators, from flip-up models to those which attach to the floor beneath the pedals. We can recommend the option which would suit you and your car best, and make sure that it is fitted safely.

Twin Flip Accelerator

The twin-flip design allows the pedal to be switched between the left and right side of the brake pedal – allowing the car to be driven by both disabled and able-bodied drivers.

The twin flip accelerator matches the position of the original pedal, and has an engagement mechanism which ensures it cannot be accidentally lowered.

Key Features

  • Safe operation of accelerator pedal with left foot
  • Suitable options for a range of vehicles
  • Twin Flip design to switch pedal between left and right (depending on driver)
  • Available under the Motability Scheme at a subsidised rate

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approx £410
Based on a standard installation. Please note that prices will vary based on individual vehicles & features