Carony Drive System

The Carony Drive System allows you to drive your vehicle from a wheelchair. The Carony Drive is a power wheelchair with a seat that can be lowered down to the height of 38cm.

The vehicle is entered via a ramp or wheelchair lift, and the wheelchair placed within the Drive LOC system to ensure that it is secure in line with ISO crash safety standards. By lowering the height of the chair for driving, the footrests move forward to position the knees away from the steering wheel.

The Carony Drive System is ingeniously designed to take as little space inside a vehicle as possible and can be placed within a vehicle as small as a lowered floor Renault Kangoo. Outside of the vehicle, the wheelchair responds smoothly to joystick commands and is easy to manoeuver in confined spaces with a width of just 64.5cm.

We can provide detailed information on the types of vehicle which would suit this system as well as conduct the installation and testing required to ensure continued safety.

Key Features

  • Allows driving of vehicle directly from a wheelchair
  • Fits with all current car safety standards
  • Wheelchair width of just 64.5cm
  • Easy to use joystick commands on wheelchair for regular use.
  • Available under the Motability Scheme.

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