Minivator Stairlifts

Ransome Mobility specialise in stairlift sales – for both straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. We sell stairlifts from a range of manufacturers including Minivator, Bison, Homeadapt, Access BDD and Freelift and have both new and refurbished models. We also offer stairlift rental.

About Minivator Stairlifts

If you need to buy a stairlift, a Minivator stairlift is a good all round choice and there are models to suit all budgets. The second largest stairlift manufacturer in the UK, Minivator are known for delivering high quality stairlifts, which offer outstanding value. Read on to discover some of the benefits provided by a Minivator stairlift.

Minivator stairlifts are very well respected and designed to the highest of standards. They are ISO Quality approved which means that as well as conforming to British and European standards, their stairlifts also abide by standards set by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA).

Minivator stairlifts are designed to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of users. They are operated by easy to use controls which can be situated on either side of the chair and the Minivator signature ‘toggle control’ can be operated comfortably even with users who have limited mobility in their hands or arthritic fingers. This is because, unlike other stairlifts this toggle control does not require constant pressure to keep the stairlift moving. Instead, to move up or down the staircase, simply point the toggle in the direction you wish to move and the stairlift will take you there.

In addition, Minivator stairlifts can be operated by remote control. This means that the stairlift can be operated by a carer, whilst they accompany the user up or down stairs. It can also be used to call or send the stairlift from one level to another. This is important in houses or care homes where more than one person uses the stairlift.

To prevent accidents, all Minivator stairlifts have automatic cut-out safety sensors. This safety feature will bring the stairlift to a gentle halt if it meets any obstruction. The stairlift will then only move in the opposite direction until the path is cleared.

There are many other features for user safety and comfort that are common across all Minivator stairlifts. These include a seatbelt for safety, a manual or powered swivel seat option for easier dismounting and an adjustable seat for comfort. Minivator stairlifts are also battery powered which means that they will work even during a power cut.

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