Wheelchair Access Cars for Sale: Influencing factors

Wheelchair access cars for sale are available through Ransome Mobility Solutions in a wide variety of sizes, makes and models. If you are unsure of how to go about choosing your vehicle, just visit the Ransome Mobility Solutions showroom to see the full range of cars we have in stock.

Even if you do have a make or model in mind, we would always recommend test driving the vehicle to see if it is suitable for your needs. If you are unable to get to us, we can come to you, and are happy to give you a full demonstration of your preferred WAV outside your home or workplace.

The sales process at Ransome Mobility Solutions ensure buying a used WAV is a pleasurable experience, as none of our staff work on a commission basis, so you can always be sure of the best possible advice.

Meanwhile, when it comes to buying a nearly new or used wheelchair access vehicle, there will be a number of factors that will influence your choice of car and we will look at some of these here:


If a friend or family member has a vehicle that has served them well, they may suggest a particular model to you  –  rating it highly for comfort, reliability, performance and ease of use. You may also favour a particular make or model because it has received a glowing review in a newspaper, magazine, brochure or newsletter. By visiting the Ransome Mobility Solutions showroom you can see our stock of wheelchair access cars for sale at first hand. You can take the vehicle for a test drive, and will receive independent advice from our sales staff who are happy to answer any questions you may have about the vehicle.


As with any large purchase, the price is very much a swaying factor and will narrow down your choice of vehicle. Most of you will have a set budget in mind, and will either buy up front, or arrange an affordable finance package, so you can spread the cost of your vehicle over a period of time. Ransome Mobility Solutions offers a full range of vehicles to suit all budgets, including low cost, mid range and high end cars. We also offer finance packages through WAV specialists Southern Finance, and to make it easier for you we can tailor these packages to suit your individual requirements. Just call us or pop into our showroom to find out more.


Some makes and models of car stand out more than others due to reliability, performance, comfort, economics, ease of controls and value for money. Whether you prefer popular family run arounds or high end brands such as Mercedes, we have a full range of makes and models of wheelchair access cars for sale in our showroom. With more than three decades of experience in vehicle adaptations, we have built up an excellent reputation in our field, and are known for our personal service. Even if we don’t have your preferred vehicle in stock, just contact us direct and we will do our best to order it in for you.

Size of Vehicle

While some of you may be looking to buy a large car to transport a number of passengers, others will be searching for something smaller and easier to park and manoeuvre. WAV Vehicles are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large, and we have examples of each of these in our showroom. The smaller-sized vehicles can accommodate at least four passengers and will usually be accessed via a ramp. If you want something larger, to make room for additional equipment that you need when you travel, a medium sized car could be more suitable. Larger cars are ideal if you want to transport a number of passengers, or if you have a large wheelchair, plus additional equipment.

Fuel Efficiency

The cost of running a car is likely to be another major influence on your choice of vehicle. Our experts at Ransome Mobility Solutions will be able to give you a run down on the makes and models available and can advise on some of the most fuel efficient cars for disabled drivers.

Whatever vehicle you have in mind, Ransome Mobility Solutions has a full range of wheelchair accessible cars for sale to suit your needs. Just contact our friendly team of staff who will talk you through the range of options available to get you on the road. We also offer a part exchange service, and the good news is that the car you trade in does not have to be a wheelchair access vehicle.

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