Disabled Access Vehicles – WAVs – Choosing the right car for you

If you are searching for the perfect disabled access vehicles, you may have a particular make or model in mind. This could be for a number of reasons: as a result of recommendation, the vehicle’s reputation for reliability, or perhaps you have been swayed by price or brand. If you are unsure of exactly what WAV vehicle to purchase, just talk to one of our sales experts to find the perfect car within your budget.

Whatever your requirements, just browse our website and visit our showroom to see the full range of wheelchair accessible vehicles we have available.  You can talk through the various options with our friendly sales advisors, who will be able to find the right WAV car for sale to suit your needs, either as a driver, or passenger.

Our aim is to make the car buying process as easy as possible. So, if you can’t get to our showroom for any reason, we can visit you and provide you with a full demonstration of the WAV vehicle of your choice.

Buying a nearly new or used car can be an exciting time, but with so many options available it can also be daunting. To make it easier to choose the right disabled access vehicle for you, we’ve compiled a brief checklist of some of the things that you should consider before you buy. The following is suitable for  drivers and/or passengers who are wheelchair users.


Think about the size of car you need. Consider how many passengers will travel in your vehicle and whether it has enough seating to accommodate all the people you wish to transport. You might want to opt for a vehicle that is larger and offers lots of seating and space inside.


Check that your chosen vehicle has enough storage space to fulfil all your needs. Is it big enough to transport your wheelchair and any additional equipment you need, or will you need something bigger? If you have a hoist, wheelchair or other mobility aid, will it fit easily in the vehicle? Bear in mind, however, that there are various sizes of hoists available to suit a wide range of cars.

Frequency of Use

Another important consideration is how often you intend to use your vehicle. Will you be using your disabled access car for short journeys or longer journeys (for visiting friends or relatives or to go on holiday, for instance)? Is your vehicle for daily use – for short trips into town – or are you intending to use it for occasional journeys? If your WAV is for frequent use, you may want to choose a more economical make or model, so your vehicle is cheaper to run.


Practicality is vital when choosing disabled access vehicles. It may sound obvious, but make sure that the doors are wide enough to get in or out of the vehicle comfortably. Also check that the seats are at the right height. If not, make sure that they are fully adjustable so that getting in or out of your vehicle won’t present a difficulty.


Whether you are a driver or passenger of a WAV vehicle, it is important that your journey is as comfortable as possible. When you visit our car showroom, check to see your preferred vehicle offers enough leg room so that you can feel relaxed on long journeys. Cars differ widely in this respect and a vehicle that is comfortable for one person may not be for someone else.


Do you want a manual car, an automatic, and/or a car that is specifically adapted for your needs? Ransome Mobility Solutions offer various adaptations for disabled access vehicles, and can talk you through the ones suitable for you, show you how they work, and fit them with your comfort in mind. WAVS-R-US offer a full range of adaptations including:

Ask to see our demonstration vehicle, so you can see our full range; you may want to adapt your controls as your needs change.

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