Stairlift Buying Tips

Ransome Mobility specialise in straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts and provide a wide choice of solutions for both domestic and commercial premises. Whether you need to buy a stairlift for your home or business, or require a stairlift rental – we can help.

Buying a stairlift

If you are buying a stairlift for the first time, it can be a daunting process. With a huge number of different manufacturers to choose from and models varying in the features they offer it can be hard to know where to begin. This is where Ransome Mobility can help.

We are a family run business based in Suffolk, offering a national stairlift service. Because we are not affiliated to one particular manufacturer, we provide independent, objective advice and will help you to choose the right stairlift solution to suit your individual requirements.

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Choosing a Stairlift

Straight or Curved?

The first thing to consider when buying a stairlift is the type that you will require. The two options are straight stairlifts, which are used on straight flights of stairs and curved stairlifts which are individually designed to match the shape of your staircase.

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Buy or Rent?

If you require a straight stairlift it is also worth asking yourself whether you actually need to buy one. Stairlift rental can sometimes be more cost effective, such as for short-term use after an operation. A good rule of thumb is that if the rental period is likely to be shorter than eighteen months, it probably make more sense to rent.

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Which Manufacturer?

Here at Ransome Mobility we recommend four stairlift manufacturers, which are Minivator, Access BDD, Bison, Freelift and Home Adapt. Between them they offer a wide range of stairlift solutions for all types of home.

Minivator Stairlifts

Minivator stairlifts are a well respected stairlift manufacturer who have a reputation for building products which offer the customer reliability and great value for money.

The Minivator range offers the following useful features:

  • A powered hinge track and unique Slide Track – to prevent the track blocking doorways
  • Remote control – enabling the user to control the lift from either the bottom or top of the stairs
  • Left or right handed controls – To suit the user’s preference
  • Swivel seat option (powered or manual) – makes for easier dismounting
  • Adjustable seat – to ensure a comfy journey up or down the stairs
  • Automatic cut-out safety sensors – this safety feature will bring the stairlift to a gentle stop if it senses something in its pathway
  • Battery powered – meaning no mobility problems even in a power cut

Bison Stairlifts

Bison offer three types of stairlift, with models suitable for both straight and curved stairs.

Features include:

  • Slim, stylish design allowing plenty of access even on narrow stairs
  • Comfortable to use. Operated by a rocker switch which is located on the arm rest
  • Remote control to enable the stairlift to be remotely called
  • Battery powered – meaning no mobility problems even in a power cut
  • Foot-rest is close to the ground and there is no step
    Bison stairlifts can be folded away when not in use

Homeadapt Stairlifts

Homeadapt stairlifts are the best-selling stairlifts in the US. The company offers three different stairlift options for straight and curved staircases. Whether you want a top of the range or best value stairlift, they have models to suit.

Basic features include:

  • Adjustable seat height for comfort
  • Adjustable seat height for easier entry/exit at top and bottom of stairway
  • Battery powered – meaning no mobility problems even in a power cut
  • Five years warranty for major components and two years warranty on parts
  • Swivel seat option – makes for easier dismounting
  • Installation requires no changes to your staircase
  • Carries minimum of 20 stone (certain models carry up to 30 stone)
  • Stairlift can be folded away when not in use
  • Automatic cut-out safety sensors – this safety feature will bring the stairlift to a gentle stop if it senses something in its pathway
  • Quiet and smooth operation

Freelift Stairlifts

Freelift manufacture a number of different stairlift options for both curved and straight staircases.

Features include:

  • Track fixes directly to staircase so no construction work is usually required.
  • The range includes a heavy duty stairlift which can carry users of up to 30 stone.
  • Swivel seat option (manual or powered) – makes for easier dismounting.
  • Battery powered – meaning no mobility problems even in a power cut.
  • Adjustable seat and headrest heights for comfort.
  • Stairlift can be folded away when not in use.
  • Quiet and smooth operation

Access BDD Stairlifts

  • Stairlifts are secured to stair treads rather than the wall
  • All stairlifts are manufactured in accordance with health and safety standards including the European Standards to ensure customer safety
  • Access BDD stairlifts feature a slim design, which leaves the rest of the staircase clear for other users
  • Stairlifts are easy to operate via an ergonomically designed switch on the armrest of the stairlift and remote control call

Other Tips When Buying a Stairlift

Always check whether there is a cost to obtain a stairlift quotation before you ask a company to come and visit you.

Here at Ransome Mobility all of our stairlift surveys and quotations are completely free of charge.

Confirm that a company you contact is an approved distributor for the stairlift make you are interested in. This is important in order that your stairlift can be maintained properly and replacement parts can be ordered easily.

Ransome Mobility are approved distributors for Minivator, Bison, Homeadapt, Access BDD and Freelift stairlifts.

Decide what stairlift features are essential for you and have this ready for when you make your initial enquiries with your chosen stairlift company. This will help them to assist you in deciding which products are most suited to your requirements.

Ransome Mobility are not affiliated to just one stairlift manufacturer. This means that we can give you impartial advice and find a stairlift solution that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

Find out about their aftersales service. For example, do they offer servicing and aftercare support if you experience a problem with your stairlift?

Ransome Mobility offer a 24/365 call out service so there is always someone to help or advise you every day of the year.