Simplicity Stairlifts

Ransome Mobility supply a comprehensive range of straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts from leading stairlift manufacturers including Minivator, Bison, Freelift, Homeadapt and Access BDD. Among our most popular stairlifts are the Simplicity straight stairlifts and the Simplicity + straight stairlifts, which are ideal for staircases with no curves or bends.

Simplicity Straight Stairlifts

The Simplicity straight stairlift offers excellent value and gives those who need help in getting up and down stairs, the freedom of greater independence in their home. Whether for short term or long term mobility problems, the Minivator straight stairlift is practical, safe and reliable.

Designed with a comfortable, padded seat in a neutral beige colour, with wipe clean flame retardant fabric, the Simplicity straight stairlift can transport passengers weighing up to 22 stone. It features an adjustable seat, 2 remote controls, safety seatbelt, manual swivel seat for easy dismounting and an easy to use toggle which can be controlled by either the left or the right hand. For added security it includes a key switch which prevents it being used when it is not supposed to be.

This straight stairlift is battery operated, which means that it work even if power is down. The chair charges wherever it is positioned on the track, meaning that it is always ready to use. It is also very easy to install and no modifications are required or damage to your décor. When not in use, the chair can be folded away to create maximum space on your staircase.

The optional extras for the Simplicity straight starlight include a unique slide track to clear hallways and doors, a manual hinged track to clear hallways and doors and a powered footplate.

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Technical Information

  •  Minimum swivel radius: 680mm (with short arm: 644mm)
  • Minimum wall to seat back: 75mm
  • Seat Depth: 370mm
  • Minimum folded width to footplate: 285mm
  • Minimum open width to edge of footplate: 580mm
  • Armrest width – external: 625mm
  • Armrest width – internal: 480mm
  • Seat back height: 400mm
  • Footplate to seat height
    – standard seat option: 390-490mm
    – extended seat post: 460-560mm
  • Minimum footplate height: 50mm
  • Bottom parking space required: 660mm
  • Minimum track intrusion into staircase: 160mm
  • Minimum track intrusion into top landing (typical at 45° ): 150mm*
  • Maximum weight limit: 140kg/22 stone (hinge/slidetrack: 120kg/19 stone)
  • Speed: 0.12m/sec (approx)
  • Power supply: 24v DC Battery
  • Charger: 240v
  • Staircase angle: 27-50°

Simplicity + Straight Stairlift

Building on the success of the Simplicity straight stairlift, the Simplicity + straight stairlift offers all of the above functionality with some extras. As standard, the Simplicity + has a fully padded smart seat which comes in six different colour choices (cocoa, ruby, sand, sapphire, slate and jade). It also features a retractable seat belt instead of a safety seatbelt.

Additional feature options include:

  • A powered seat swivel – this provides easy mounting and dismounting at the touch of a button, for customers with poor upper body strength or arm mobility
  • A powered footrest riser – this stops the customer having to bend down to manually raise the footplate to clear access for other users. Instead the footplate can be raised by a simple switch on the arm or linked in to the folding seat
  • A unique slide track to clear hallways and doors – Minivator’s Unique slide track means the track will automatically move up the staircase with the lift and clear any obstruction caused by the track in the lower hallway. This is an alternative to the hinge and is a lot less cumbersome, making it a very popular choice for private clients
  • A manual hinged track to clear hallways and doors.
  • Perch option – this is useful for clients with poor mobility in their knees who may struggle to bend their legs. This feature may also be employed in very narrow staircases, as it will allow us to install a lift with out clashing issues caused by seated models

Technical Information

  • Minimum swivel radius: 655mm
  • Minimum wall to seat back: 65mm
  • Seat depth: 360mm
  • Minimum folded width to footplate: 370mm
  • Minimum open width to edge of footplate: 570mm
  • Armrest width – external: 550mm
  • Armrest width – internal: 460mm
  • Seat back height: 453mm
  • Footplate to seat height
    – standard seat option: 430-540mm
    – perch seat option: 677-877mm
  • Minimum footplate height: 70mm
  • Bottom parking space required: 575mm (50°) min to 690 at shallow angle (30°)
  • Minimum track intrusion into staircase: 185mm
  • Minimum track overhang at top of stairs (typical at 45°): 150mm
  • Minimum track intrusion at bottom of stairs: 250mm
  • Maximum weight limit: 140kg/22 stone
    – hinge/slidetrack: 120kg/19 stone
  • Speed: 0.12m/sec (approx)
  • Power supply: 24v DC Battery
  • Charger: 100-240v (50-60hz)
  • Staircase angle: 27-50°

About Minivator Stair lifts

Minivator Stairlifts are one of the world’s largest stairlift manufacturers and have an excellent reputation for the products they create. Whether you require a straight stairlift or curved stairlift, the Minivator product range contains stairlifts to suit most requirements. Minivator offer great value budget stairlifts through to top of the range models with all the functionality you require – now and into the future. Ransome Mobility are an approved supplier for Minivator and can help you choose the right stairlift for your home or business premises.

All Minivator stairlifts feature optional left / right hand controls to suit the user whether they are right or left handed. They are built with a height adjustable swivel seat which makes it comfortable for users of varying heights and easy to dismount. All Minivator stairlifts can be operated by remote control, allowing the lift to be called up or down the stairs. This is particularly important in homes where the stairlift is used by more than one person.

All Minivator stairlifts have built in safety features such as automatic cut out sensors – meaning that the lift will gently stop if it detects something blocking the path. They are also all battery powered, ensuring continuous use, even in the event of a power cut.