Second Hand WAV Vehicles – Choosing the right make and model for you

Buying a second hand WAV vehicle is a major investment to make and an important one too. After all, you depend on your car to get you from A to B and whether you are using your vehicle daily or just occasionally, it is vital that you are happy with your purchase. This article will look at how to choose the most suitable make and model for your needs.

Visiting a car showroom to buy a nearly new or used vehicle is an exciting time. However, it can also be overwhelming at first as there are such a variety of second hand WAV vehicles on the market.

If you do have a particular WAV car in mind, here at Ransome Mobility Solutions we always try to go the extra mile for our clients. As part of the Ransome Mobility group – a friendly, family-run company providing mobility aids in East Anglia and beyond – we have 30 years’ experience in putting our customers first.

So, if we don’t have a particular make or model of WAV vehicle in stock, just let us know and we will do our best to source it for you. Ransome Mobility Solutions take pride in getting you back on the road.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Requirements

If you are looking at second hand WAV vehicles to buy, you will already have a wealth of information at your disposal. Your friends and family may recommend a brand to you that they feel is perfect for your needs. Or, it could be that an advert or brochure has caught your eye.

For many people, the first port of call is to flick through newspapers, magazines, or browse the internet to read reviews on a particular type of car. Reviews, good or bad, may influence your decision, but here at Ransome Mobility Solutions we always recommend visiting our showroom to view our range of second hand WAVs at first hand.

We also suggest test-driving a few WAV vehicles – even those models you may have disregarded at first – so you really get a feel for the cars. This will help you narrow down your choice so you know exactly what you need to get you mobile.

Meanwhile here are our top tips on choosing the right brand for you:

Size of Vehicle

The size of the vehicle will have a major influence on your choice of second hand WAV vehicles. There is no point in going for a smaller sized car that is comfortable and handles well, if it won’t fulfil your needs. Consider how much boot space you require and the number of passengers you need to carry.


Cost is a major swaying factor, as you won’t want to fork out for a top of the range vehicle with all the latest gadgets if it exceeds the price you have in mind. Set a budget before you buy.


It is essential that you buy a vehicle that you will feel comfortable in for short or long journeys. Compile a priority checklist of essentials: for example, make sure that the car is roomy enough to manoeuvre into, the seats have enough leg space, and the doors are wide enough to get in and out of.


Is a sun roof, air conditioning, central locking, parking sensors and/or Sat Nav important to you? Even factors such as drinks holders may sway your decision. Take a look at the features that each of the second hand WAV vehicles have – you may be happy to compromise on some but not on others. Don’t forget that some extras can be installed at a later date, such as a top of the range stereo for instance.


If a particular vehicle catches your eye, take it for a test drive to see how it handles. Does it manoeuvre round corners well? Are you comfortable with the steering? Also try it out where you are most likely to park it: how easily does it reverse into the space?


A vehicle’s performance may also be a deciding factor. Although you are unlikely to take your vehicle around a race track, you may want to check out the acceleration and decide whether it is right for you.


Some vehicles are more economical than others to run. If you are using your car for frequent long journeys you may want one with a lower fuel consumption rate. Ask the experts in our showroom to steer you in the right direction.

Other Influences

Do you want a manual or automatic second hand WAV vehicle? Would you prefer petrol or diesel?  This will help narrow down your choice so you get the best WAV for you.

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Or why not visit our showroom to find the right car for you?