Mobility Aids – Supporting You as Your Mobility Requirements Change

If you experience difficulties in and outside the home but are not sure what mobility aids you need, Ransome Mobility Solutions can help. We offer a full range of mobility aids including straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, wheelchair stairlifts and car adaptations to make life easier. Our experts know that needs change over time and what you need now may not be suitable in the future. We specialise in forming long term relationships with our customers, supporting them now and as their requirements alter.

Choosing the Right Mobility Aids

Whatever your reasons for considering mobility aids, Ransome Mobility will advise you on choosing the right products. It means wherever possible, our products will continue to assist you as your needs change with time. By recommending the right mobility aids now, we aim to save our customers money in the long run as our products are designed to see you through some of the changes you may experience.

Ransome’s sales staff have many years’ experience and knowledge of mobility aids and we have maintained excellent standards for more than 30 years. Our staff also have the awareness and understanding of many conditions, both illness and injury related, so we are well placed to advise our customers. As we are not tied to a particular manufacturer, we are truly in the best position to offer the best mobility aids for your requirements.

At Ransome Mobility Solutions, our staff work with customers who have reduced mobility due to age, accident or illness. We also supply mobility aids to help children and teenagers and assist them as they grow.

Straight Stairlifts or Curved Stairlifts?

If you are thinking about buying a stairlift, the main choice will be between straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. This will depend on the type of staircase you have and how many flights of stairs you have. If you have a single, straight staircase, then one of our straight stairlifts will be appropriate. And if your staircase is curved in any way, one of our curved stairlifts will be required. But what about multiple flights of straight stairs? Some staircases have a landing halfway up where the stairs change direction. And some houses have more than two storeys and, hence, more than one flight of stairs. Straight stairlifts can be fitted to each individual flight, but this requires the user to get off the lift at the top of each section and get onto the next one. Multiple straight stairlifts may be a good solution initially, but if mobility decreases it may become more useful to choose a curved stairlift to connect all the straight sections together, providing the user with an uninterrupted journey.

Apart from the choice between curved and straight stairlifts, it is important to consider that some requirements change over time. Our experts will talk through the options so that you get the right product for you.

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The Need for Stairlifts: Children

Children who have difficulty negotiating the stairs may need a stairlift, especially as they get older and want more independence. They become more difficult to carry and their needs and requirements change as they grow. There are child seats available, which consist of an adult stairlift with a child-friendly attachment. It means there is no need to replace the stairlift with a new one as they get older.

The Need for Stairlifts: Short Term Stairlift Requirements

Some people only need a stairlift for short term rental. This is because there are some conditions that don’t worsen over time, but improve. For example, someone who has come out of hospital and is recovering from an accident or illness and still needs assistance using the stairs as they recuperate. In this case rented stair lifts are a good idea because they are only used in the short term. However, please note: stairlift rental is only available for straight staircases.

The Need for Stairlifts: Degenerative Illnesses

Your requirements for a stairlift may change over time and those suffering from degenerative illnesses may benefit from a stairlift. MS for example, is a disease of the central nervous system and is a condition which generally affects young adults. Symptoms vary from fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness, slurred speech, vision problems and walking difficulties. These symptoms can also change from day to day, with periods of relapse and sometimes part or complete recovery. A stairlift may help in a small way to make life easier. Straight or curved stairlifts can also be used as an aid for the blind or visually impaired.

The Need for Stairlifts: Mobility Issues Caused By Ageing

As we get older, our joints and muscles do not work as well as they used to. A stairlift helps anyone who has difficulty using the stairs and although a stairlift will be used just as a method of getting from A to B at first, later options such as a powered swivel seat or footrest, may be needed. For instance an elderly person who may develop back problems or have difficulties bending their knees, may benefit from a powered footrest because it means you can fold away your stairlift without having to bend down. A perch option is also worth considering for someone with hip or knee problems and has difficulty sitting down.

Other Changing Requirements

There are also other circumstances too, that may change over time – here are some examples:

Weight Changes: A person might get heavier with a certain condition because of lack of exercise and may require a heavy duty model.

Loss of Hand Movement: A person with arthritis may lose mobility in their fingers so require additional features. However stairlifts generally come with easy to use controls although some are more user friendly in terms of hand mobility than other models.

A Second Person in the Home Requires a Stairlift: If more than one person in a household also requires the use of a stairlift, you will need a model with two remote controls which makes it possible for another person to call the stairlift down. Having two remote controls is also useful for a single user who does not always need to use the stairlift – e.g. for going up but not down, or where the person has good days and bad days.

If you are buying a straight or a curved stairlift either for you or a member of your family at Ransome’s we talk through the options and not only look at the picture now, but at future requirements to illuminate the need to upgrade. This saves money in the long run, so a customer only has to buy once.

Car Adaptations

Car adaptations are generally geared to someone’s condition at the current time. If you are a car driver and have experienced foot mobility loss, there are some forms of car adaptations already on the market to enable you to continue to drive, such as left foot pedals. Push and pull hand systems are another option and can be used for braking and accelerating. Some of these options, such as a left foot pedal, can be changed back for an able-bodied partner to use.

There are also car adaptations suitable for children with disabilities as their passenger needs change over time. This includes the Milford Person Lift, which works to lift a person in and out of the car to a wheelchair and vice versa. There are also swivel seats available for easy movement in and out of a car and wheelchairs that also double up as a passenger seat in the front of the car. Other options include lifts or hoists with child or adult seats and harnesses for either children or adults.

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