Mobility Aids – Dealing with a sudden loss of mobility

Mobility aids are designed to help a person back on to the path of independence when they are experiencing a loss of mobility. A sudden loss of mobility can occur for many different reasons such as following an accident which may be work, sporting or transport-related or caused by an assault. It can also be caused by some types of illness such as neurological damage following a stroke.

Although the causes leading to a sudden loss of mobility can vary, as can the severity of them and whether they are temporary or permanent, on an emotional level it is common for the person to experience a wide range of difficult emotions as they deal with the situation they are facing.

These can include anger, sorrow, disbelief, fear, panic, self-blame, guilt, denial, anxiety and vulnerability because they are suddenly thrust into unfamiliar territory. The person is likely to experience a loss of identity as they feel they are no longer the person they used to be because they cannot do all the things they could before. They may also experience a loss of income and have to depend on other people to do certain tasks for them, which can feel frightening and unsettling.

Whilst mobility aids will not help the person to deal with any of this, they can be of great help at this very challenging time, on a physical level, providing practical solutions to some of the new challenges the person faces. The right mobility aids such as stair lifts, wheel chair lifts and vehicle adaptations can help restore independence and allow greater freedom of movement both inside the home and when driving. Read on for more information on the range of mobility aids available and how they can help.

Mobility Aids

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From home to transport adaptations, there are many different types of mobility aids on the market today which can assist you. Here we look at each of the main ones in turn, to help you decide which may be of assistance to you, a friend or relative.

 Straight or Curved Stairlifts

If you are coping with a sudden loss of mobility, there are different mobility aids that can help regain independence around the home. If getting up and downstairs is a struggle, a stairlift gives you access to all floors of your property.

A stairlift can be installed either permanently, or temporarily, to assist in recovery. Straight and curved stairlifts are used by people of all ages to provide greater freedom of movement.

A straight or curved stairlift helps you move safely from one floor to another. Straight stairlifts can be installed on standard straight staircases and curved stairlifts are designed for a staircase with either a bend or a curve. Although straight stairlifts can be rented, this is not possible for curved stairlifts as these have to be individually tailored to a person’s home. However we do offer a small selection of reconditioned curved stairlifts, which can provide a cheaper alternative to a new one.

For more information on our range of Straight Stairlifts and Curved Stairlifts, please follow these links. We sell a wide range of stairlifts with different features and benefits to suit varying requirements. For more information and a free survey, please contact our friendly team who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Call 0844 856 9790.

Wheelchair Stairlifts

If you have suffered from a mobility loss either through accident or illness, a wheelchair is a key mobility aid. However, using it at home can be difficult if you have to negotiate steps or stairs either inside or outside of your property. A wheel chair lift or through the floor lift, can provide the answer, to enable you to move freely over steps and between floors.

The Wessex Step Lift can be installed inside or outside the house or anywhere where you have a limited number of steps to negotiate. It lifts up to 225 kg and can be used for heights up to 500 mm. Its shallow ramp allows for easy access and its wide platform is suitable for all wheelchairs and power chairs.

If you are looking for wheelchair access to all floors in the home, The Wessex Through Floor lift provides assistance getting about the house. It safe to use and also comes with an emergency back-up system so the alarm and door opening system works even in the event of a power failure. The Wessex Through Floor lift also comes with an independent key switch so you can prevent unauthorised use.

Vehicle Adaptations

One of the best ways to re-gain independence is to have your car adapted so you can have the freedom to get out and about as and when you need. Vehicle adaptations can include mobility aids that help you to get into and out of a vehicle safely as either a driver, or passenger. These aids include wheelchair hoists designed for scooters and wheelchairs, the Carony Drive System (so you can drive while seated in an adaptable wheelchair) and Powered or Manual Swivel Seats, which are used to provide easy access to and from a vehicle.

As a driver, there are also several adaptations that can be made to vehicles to help you drive. Many of these adaptations can also be temporarily disabled, so another family member can use the car as and when necessary.

Driver adaptations include hand instead of foot controls for braking and accelerating and Steering Wheel Balls for those with difficulty using a conventional steering wheel. Infra-Red Controls enable many functions to be controlled at the touch of a button and a Left Foot Accelerator is available as an alternative to a traditional right foot accelerator.


If you have suffered a sudden mobility loss there mobility aids designed for different needs and requirements. Round and about the home hand-rails, grips and handles all help to make things easier. Even smaller items such as door knob extensions can also make a great difference to your mobility.

Wheelchairs can come with a host of different accessories to make journeys more comfortable such as support cushions and cup holders. If you require standing and walking aids, there are two and three walkers available as well as lightweight and folding options. Walkers are available with all manner of options including handbrakes, seats and bags.

Inside the home, bathroom aids such as bath lifts and toilet adaptations, all help with greater independence. There are also various hoists available to provide assistance getting in and out of bed.

How Ransome Mobility Can Help

Ransome Mobility stocks high quality products from respected manufacturers such as Simplicity, Homeadapt, Freelift, Platinum, Access BDD and Wessex. As we are not tied to just one manufacturer we can give free impartial advice, so we can recommend exactly the right products for the customer. We also offer a competitive service to provide exactly what you need at the best possible prices.

In addition, Ransome Mobility offers an unrivalled customer care service with an in-house team of engineers offering round the clock assistance to answer any queries you may have. We offer 24 hour support, 265 days a year, on any stairlift issues and respond quickly in the event of any breakdown. As all installations and repairs are carried out by our qualified engineers, we can get things working for you as soon as possible.

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