Domestic Stairlifts

Ransome Mobility Solutions is a leading supplier of domestic stairlifts including straight stair lifts, curved stairlifts and wheel chair lifts to customers in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Northampton, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We can also install nationwide and can provide home stair lift rental.

Established for over 30 years, we offer an exclusive range of innovative products from the most respected manufacturers. Our range of domestic stairlifts includes models by Minivator, Freelift, Handiecare, Home Adapt, Accsess, BDD and Bruno.

The need for stairlifts

Home stairlifts improve the quality of life for a person who has mobility problems, giving them greater independence. Loss of mobility following an accident or as part of the ageing process can be hard to get used to and made worse if a person can no longer move freely around their home. The installation of a high quality stairlift offers a practical solution to assist with getting up and down the stairs and means that the property can still be lived in to the full.

Types of stairlift

There are three types of domestic stairlift, the straight stairlift, the curved stairlift and the wheelchair lift. Most are battery powered, which eliminates the need for dangerous and unsightly leads and the lift will charge at certain points along the rail. This also means that your stairlift will remain functional in the event of a power cut.

Modern stairlift designs include various safety and comfort features including a seat belt, padded seat, swivel chair for easy dismounting, footplate with antislip covering and a key switch which allows the lift to be temporarily disabled to prevent unauthorised use. They come in varying colours to match with your home décor and many models can have the seat, arms and foot plate folded back to save space when not in use. The seat height is adjustable on some designs to suit people of varying heights.

Stairlifts are quiet and easy to use. Their sturdy design makes the rider feel safe and supported as they travel up or down the stairs. If you would like a demonstration of the different stairlifts we stock, please come and visit our showroom in Suffolk.

About Ransome Mobility

We stock a wide range of stairlifts, also known as stair lifts and chair lifts, for homes and commercial properties. Because we are not tied to a single brand, we will provide impartial advice and help you choose the right stairlift to suit your property. Our team will guide you through all the options available and make sure that you get the lift which is perfect for your needs – both now and as your requirements develop. All stairlifts are installed by manufacturer trained engineers and we offer an unmatched after sales service – with our trained team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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