Homeadapt Stairlifts

Ransome Mobility is a UK stairlifts specialist who supply straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts from a range of manufacturers including Minivator, Bison, Homeadapt, Access BDD and Freelift. We have both new and refurbished stairlifts available, as well as offering a stairlift rental service. Here we look more closely at Homeadapt stairlifts.

About Homeadapt Stairlifts

Homeadapt is the UK presence of Bruno Independent Living Aids, North America’s largest producer of indoor stairlifts. Bruno are ISO-9001 certified, ensuring the highest standards of durability and quality available for UK stairlifts. Ransome Mobility are an authorised Homeadapt dealer who can arrange installation of Homeadapt stairlift models.

The Range of Homeadapt Stairlifts

Homeadapt provide stairlifts for both straight and curved stairways. The primary models in the Homeadapt range are the Elite and the Elan. The Elan is a stairlift for straight stairways, the Elite is available for either straight or curved stairways.

The Homeadapt Elan stairlift for straight stairs is the ideal choice for the more budget conscious customer and is the best-selling stairlift in the US. It has a wealth of standard features including an adjustable seat height and swivel seat, a contoured, comfortable seat of generous size and it is capable of carrying up to 20 stone. It also has flip-up arms to allow wheelchair transfer, a seat belt with buckle, a tight park position (seat, arms and footrest all fold up) which minimises obstruction to other stair users and safety sensors to ensure immediate stop if any obstructions are encountered. Its 12-volt battery ensures it works even if there is a power failure and it features a smooth, quiet and powerful drive system, with soft-start and soft-stop for maximum user comfort. It also has 2 wireless call/send units which can be wall mounted or placed where you wish, allowing you to send the chair unit up or down the stairs to where it is needed. The stairlifts’ rail design hides all mechanical components. This product is quick and easy to install, it requires no modifications to the staircase and it is easily maintained due to onboard diagnostics.

The Elite stairlift is Homeadapt’s top of the line model. It has all the performance features of the Elan but additionally has the following standard features: it is capable of carrying up to 30 stone, it has a unique honeycomb rail design for extra stability, it features an even bigger seat size, the rail installs closer to the wall, it has a charging station indicator plus visual diagnostic panel to make maintenance easier and it is built with an offset swivel seat to make entry and exit easier and safer.

The Elite Curve has all the standard and performance features of the Elite, including the extra weight capacity, and the same range of optional extras (e.g. powered swivel, extra large seat etc). The key difference is the solid steel rail which is custom made to go around corners or curves in the staircase. It is also suitable for straight stairlifts where the owner would like the chair to turn the corner at the top or bottom of the stairs, either to make entry or exit easier, or to make better use of space.

The rail anchors to the steps, rather than the wall. As a result it can be installed as close as 178mm from the wall, helping to minimise the space needed.

It is also the ideal solution for homes with more than one storey, as it can be supplied with a mid park and charge station, allowing you to leave the chair on intermediate landings.

Whichever model you choose, Homeadapt stairlifts are built to last and will give reliable performance for many years.

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