Freelift Stairlifts

Freelift makes both straight stair lifts and curved stair lifts, and can also provide curved stairlifts for multi-level stairways.

All Freelift straight and curved stair lifts are capable of operating even during a temporary power failure, running off independent batteries which are charged from the main. Power consumption is low, which help to keep running expenses to a minimum, and the stairlifts make very little noise during operation.

Freelift Stairlifts is member of the British Healthcare Trades Association. They provide high quality products and meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Ransome Mobility are an authorised dealer who can arrange installation of Freelift stairlift models.

The Range of Freelift Stairlifts

The Freelift stairlift range offers a great deal of choice with no fewer than 6 different models in the stairlift range. The Picasso, Elite and Mondriaan models are all designed for straight stairways, while the Van Gogh and Rembrandt models are curved stairlifts. For multi-level stairways the Vermeer model provides a curved stairlift solution.

There is a choice of 5 different seats, some of which are interchangeable on different models. The seat choice is largely a matter of looks and personal preference, but it also includes a seat suitable for children up to age 9, which is similar in appearance to a child’s car seat. The seats are also available in a range of colours, helping the owner to pick a seat style and colour to fit in with the rest of the décor.

All seats include a safety belt, and the Select seat has an additional “stand-up” function, patented by Freelift, which lifts the user into a standing position (or down into a seated position) when the chair is stationary.

The Van Gogh is fitted to the outside of curved staircases, while the Rembrandt is fitted to the inside of curved staircases. They use a single tubular rail which is custom made off-site to accommodate the precise dimensions of the bends required. The Vermeer is similar to the Rembrandt and Van Gogh, but is designed for multi-storey installations where there are intermediate landings between flights of stairs.

The Customer Experience

Freelift put a great deal of effort into ensuring that customers receive a good experience all the way from initial consultation to final installation and ongoing customer service.

Installation is fast and easy, taking as little as half a day, minimising disruption to customers’ household routines. Once installed, the customer receives extensive instruction on how to use the stairlift, and as much practice as needed, ensuring 100% confidence.

Thereafter, a 24 hour helpline is available to deal with any queries or to ensure a quick response in the event of a breakdown. A standard 2 year warranty includes an annual service visit, all helping to create peace of mind.

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Our stairlifts come with a one year warranty. Extended warranties are available on request.

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