Wheelchair Access Car Features that Are Not Found on a Standard Vehicle

If you are buying a wheelchair access car, just as with any other vehicle, it’s important to choose carefully to get the right transport for your requirements. Whether you want a compact wheelchair access car that presents the ideal town centre run-around, or a larger, family size vehicle that can accommodate more than one wheelchair, it is vital to test drive your chosen vehicle first.

When it comes to buying a used WAV, there are some features that it will have that you won’t get on a standard vehicle. As any car is a big investment to make, it is important when you visit our showroom, to give your preferred vehicle a good look over, to check that all these features meet your expectations. Also, check that it has the right number of passenger seats, and sufficient storage space in the boot.

If you have found the right make or model of car for you but you require some adjustments, here at WAVS-R-US we supply and fit a range of vehicle adaptations. This includes vehicle adaptations for drivers – such as push and pull hand controls, infra red controls and steering wheel balls – plus adjustments to provide greater comfort to drivers or passengers on the move. Among the many requests we receive are lowering the floor to allow for more headroom, providing lift instead of ramp access (or vice versa), and enabling a wheelchair passenger to ride up front.

Just contact us at WAVS-R-US or visit us in our WAV showroom  to find out what we can do for you.

Wheelchair Access – It goes without saying that a WAV car would need wheelchair access. Most used WAVs are accessible from the back or side of the vehicle and have ramp entry as standard. However, there are wheelchair access cars that have lift access – it is really down to personal preference. While some people feel more secure entering a vehicle via a ramp, others prefer a lift as they don’t feel comfortable reversing down a ramp. Ramps are cheaper than lifts, and you can get manual or powered versions. If you prefer a lift over a ramp or vice versa, here at WAVS-R-US we can make this adjustment for you.

A Lowered Floor – Another benefit of a wheelchair access vehicle is its lowered floor which enables you to manoeuvre in or out of the vehicle with ease. Many of you will have a particular make or model of vehicle in mind before you buy. If not, we always advise a test drive before buying so you can gauge which type of vehicle is best for you.

Wheelchair Tie-downs – This is basically a type of seat belt that will keep you secure during travel and it can be fitted either to the front or back seats. There are various options available, depending on which car you choose, and these include manual and automatic tie-downs. If your chosen vehicle doesn’t have the type you want, we can supply and fit it for you.


Family run WAVS-R-US is part of the Ransome Mobility group which has 30 years experience in supplying and fitting mobility aids and car adaptations. We sell high quality used and nearly new WAV cars to customers in the East Anglian region and further afield in the UK. Our customers also include taxi drivers who are looking for a good sized passenger vehicle that offers wheelchair access.