Vehicle Adaptations – Which One Do You Need?

Wheelchair access vehicles are a lifeline for people with mobility problems, enabling not just essential activities such as shopping or medical appointments, but a range of leisure activities including social visits and holidays.  If you have problems with hand, feet or your overall mobility, there are a number of modifications which can be made to a car to allow you to either drive it or travel in it.

Ransome Mobility are specialists in fitting car adaptations to used and nearly-new WAVs in Hertfordshire and across East Anglia. Here we look at the different kinds of devices which can make such a difference to wheelchair users, their friends, family and carers.

No Problem with Pedals

If the disability relates to your feet, then there are a number of solutions which can be fitted to your vehicle to enable you to drive it.

Push and pull hand controls allow you to depress the pedals in automatic vehicles without using your feet. These are hand controls which are directly linked to the pedals – pull the handle to accelerate, release it to slow down, and push it to brake. At Ransome Mobility we specialise in attaching these to the inside of the steering column to provide more space. This is particularly useful if other people will be driving the car at some point.

If you have a specific problem with your right leg, then you can have left foot accelerators fitted to the left-hand-side of the brake pedal. At Ransome we can install twin flip accelerators, which means the pedal can be moved from right to left then back again as needed by different drivers. There is no chance of it being used accidentally as there is a safety engagement mechanism.

Helping Your Hands

If you do not have full use of your hands, then there is also a range of devices which can be fitted to your vehicle. For those who find it difficult to grip and move the steering wheel, balls or knobs can easily be installed. A quick release mechanism allows it to be easily removed or replaced as required for different drivers.

Infra-red keypad controls, on a central keypad, will bring secondary functions such as headlights, hazard warning lights and horns within easy reach. And easy-release hand brake and gearshift attachments can installed on top of the standard fittings. As well as being more accessible, they need less force to operate them – all you need to do is move the handle.

Getting In and Out

If the problem is getting in or out of the vehicle, then swivel seats can be fitted. The product we recommend will depend on the user’s degree of mobility. For instance, Ransome supply the Carony Turnout System for wheelchair users who cannot propel themselves around, or a manual option for people who only have slightly impaired mobility.

Car Adaptations from Ransome Mobility

Ransome Mobility have been fitting car adaptations for customers in Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire for more than three decades. If you are interested in buying a nearly new or used wheelchair access vehicle from us, our team of friendly, experienced engineers who will be happy to discuss your individual needs and to change the adaptations if appropriate.

To learn more about our range of vehicle adaptations, click here or call us on 01473 727263.