Ransome Mobility – Specialists in Making Disabled Driving Easier

Government estimates show that there are well over a million people who are licensed to drive in the UK, even though they are registered disabled. These motorists have a wide variety of medical conditions – including arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many other forms of restricted mobility – which usually mean they need their vehicle to be specially modified.

Ransome Mobility specialise in many different types of vehicle adaptations for customers in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and across East Anglia. Here we look at the different types of devices we can fit to your car.

Steering Wheel Balls – These are designed to help people who would have difficulty turning a steering wheel because they have a lack of strength or mobility in their upper arms or wrists, or who only have the use of one hand.

They fit onto a bracket and are easily removable, making it easy for a disabled or an able-bodied person to drive the same car. You can put the ball – which is also known as a spinner – on either the left- or right-hand-side of the steering wheel.

Wireless Keypad Controls

Wireless Keypad Controls – These are also designed for drivers with limited upper body movement, and particularly for those who only have a full range of movement in one hand.

Like the spinners, these infra-red controls can be fitted anywhere on the steering wheel. They allow the driver to operate the car’s secondary functions such as its lights, windscreen wipers and indicators at the touch of a button.

Push and Pull Handle Controls Vehicle Adaptations

Push and Pull Hand Controls – This type of device is designed for people who find it difficult to operate conventional foot pedals in an automatic vehicle. Ransome Mobility specialise in installing these handles, which link directly to the brake and accelerator pedals, on the inside of the steering column. This saves space and makes it easier for other motorists to drive the vehicle.

Simply pull the handle towards you to accelerate; to decelerate, release it; and to brake, push the handle away from you.

Easy Release Handbrake

Easy Release Handbrakes – Like the wireless keypad controls, these will help you if you have a limited range of movement in your hand or hands. This attachment, which is fitted to the existing handbrake, is much easier to lock into position when you want the vehicle to be stationary. It also moves the whole operation of the handbrake much closer to the driver.

If we cannot fit a standard easy-release device to your handbrake, we may be able to design something which fits your specific needs. Simply talk to any members of our team about your requirements.

Left Foot Accelerator

Twin-Flip/Left Foot Accelerators – Like the push and pull hand controls, these are aimed at making life easier for drivers whose disability relates to their feet. Left foot accelerators (above) can be fitted to cars if you have an issue with your right leg.

If the vehicle is driven by able-bodied as well as disabled drivers, then Ransome can fit a twin-flip accelerator, which means that the accelerator can be switched to either the left or right-hand side. There is no chance of pressing the wrong pedal by accident, as there is a built-in safety mechanism.

Carony Drive System

The Carony Drive System – This system makes life much easier for the disabled motorist by allowing them to drive the wheelchair access vehicle direct from a wheelchair. This cuts back on the need to lift people in and out of the vehicle by installing other devices, such as swivel seats and wheelchair hoists – although we can offer these adaptations as well.

The Carony Drive is a powered wheelchair which can be transferred into the vehicle via a ramp or lift and then locked securely in position. The Carony can be lowered to a height of just 38cm and can also be used as a conventional wheelchair.

Vehicle Adaptations from Ransome Mobility

Ransome Mobility have had many years of experience in fitting vehicle adaptations to wheelchair access vehicles – including hatchbacks, 4x4s, SUVs and estate cars. We are a premier partner with Motability Operations, which means you are guaranteed a high quality of work, whatever type of device you need to help drive your WAV.

If you would like to know more about any of the adaptations we offer, follow this link. You can also call us on 01473 727263 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.