Getting Out and About in Winter with Mobility Equipment

Getting out and about in winter can be daunting for all of us, but even more so for someone with a disability. However, having the right mobility equipment in place means there is no need to end up being stuck indoors.

Based in East Anglia, Ransome are experts in installing home and vehicle adaptations to help people to stay mobile and independent, and enjoy life to the full all the year round. Here we look at ways to ensure that you can go on carrying out essential activities and meeting up with family and friends. Of course, it is essential to check the weather forecasts before deciding whether it is wise to venture out but, when you do need to travel, following these tips can help to give added peace of mind.

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Keeping Warm
There are various sensible precautions which we should all take in order to keep warm during winter, but these are especially important for older people and those with limited mobility. For instance, wearing layers of clothing helps to retain warmth, so it’s a good idea to put on thermal underwear rather than just relying on a fleece or jumper.

A lot of heat is lost through the head, so it is important to remember your woolly hat. Face, hands and feet also need to be kept warm to avoid raised blood pressure. That means wearing gloves, thick socks and boots and a scarf or shawl, which can be used to protect your face. Older people in particular should also not stay out in the open air for too long at any one time, as it’s possible to become cold without realising it.

Driving in Winter
Getting your car “winter-proofed” is a wise precaution. It’s a good idea for all drivers, whether disabled or not, to book a winter service, including aspects such as tyre pressure and tread levels, topping up antifreeze and checking battery and brakes. Carrying de-icer and a windscreen scraper  is also essential.

For drivers with disabilities, it is especially important to make sure you can get in touch with someone if you do break down. So carrying a fully-charged mobile phone, together with a portable charger, is a must, while breakdown insurance will give added peace of mind. Also take a weather kit, including blankets, a flask of hot drink and any medicines you need, just in case you do have a breakdown and need to wait for assistance.

Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Equipment

There are a number of car adaptations available to disabled drivers and passengers, including wheelchair hoists and scooter hoists, which can make a huge difference to helping you stay mobile. At Ransome Mobility we have many years of experience in installing these vehicle mobility adaptations and others. We provide expert customer service, so our friendly team can always advise you on precautions to take in cold weather.

Even if you have a car adapted to take a wheelchair, you need to get the chair to and from the vehicle. So it’s a good idea to get your wheelchair or scooter checked over for winter, watching out for any parts which might become frozen. You also need to ensure your scooter or wheelchair’s battery is fully charged before you go out, as it may need charging more frequently in cold weather.

To keep warm and dry, you could consider investing in some of the accessories which are available from various suppliers. These include different designs of waterproof wheelchair covers, capes and foot muffs, plus hand and joystick covers.

When driving your wheelchair, scooter or car, it is obviously important to be aware of the conditions and watch out for icy patches. If you use a walking stick, you might worry about slipping over, but it is possible to get shoes which prevent slipping and you can even buy attachments for walking sticks in icy conditions.

Within the Home
When it is really cold, wet or icy, you may decide it is more sensible to stay at home, and let your friends and relations come to see you. Keeping your home warm is important in these conditions, and Age UK recommends making sure that the temperature in your living room is around 70F/21C.

If you have a disability, having adaptations in place, such as a home stair lift or a bath lift, can help you enjoy your time at home, rather than feeling that you are trapped there. Perhaps more importantly, these and other mobility aids allow you to get around your home more easily without always being dependent on others, who may find it harder to visit so often over the winter period. Ransome installs these aids and other mobility equipment for customers across East Anglia, including customers in Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

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