Five Ways Your WAV Can Give You a New Lease of Life

More than a million people throughout the UK are licensed disabled drivers – and many of these use modified wheelchair access vehicles to allow them to get around. Why are they such an essential part of their users’ lives?

Ransome Mobility is one of the leading suppliers of WAV vehicles in Norfolk and throughout East Anglia. Here we look at five key ways in which these specially-adapted vehicles can give their users a new lease of life, whether they are drivers or passengers.

By Offering More Independence and Freedom

The main benefit of WAVs is that they give the wheelchair user much more freedom. It allows you to get to work, the shops, to go on holidays, or just visit family or friends far more easily.

There’s no need to rely on public transport, which may not take you that close to where you want to get to – even if it is running to time, and it is suitable for you to use.

By Improving Your Future Prospects

WAVs can make working much more feasible for wheelchair users, which can improve their quality of life. Paid or voluntary work will improve self-esteem – although the former will benefit your bank balance too!

This can be a long-term benefit as well. Access to a WAV means schools, colleges and libraries will be much easier to get to, so studying for a new career becomes a much more realistic ambition.

By Saving Time and Energy

If your vehicle has not been adapted, then you could face the problem of how to transfer yourself from your wheelchair to a car seat. This puts a lot of strain on the shoulders if you are transferring yourself, or on the back, if it is being done by a family member or carer.

With some WAVs, you can stay in your own wheelchair, whether you are a passenger or a driver. Our Carony Drive System allows you to drive the vehicle from a powered wheelchair, which fits on a ramp or lift so getting in and out is not a problem. Ransome Mobility also supply a range of hoists which will unload a wheelchair or scooter in a matter of seconds.

By Improving Your Health

The NHS says it is just as important for wheelchair users to take regular exercise as it is for able-bodied people. It advises carrying out muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week, and do two and a half hours of aerobic exercises a week on top of that, as this will raise the heart rate. Owning a WAV allows the wheelchair user to get to the gym or swimming pool much more easily, or to join a local disability sports club.

WAV owners and users also find it much easier to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air, and to have a better social life, which has a positive effect on mental health. Being able to see friends or family more regularly helps improve your mood and makes you feel less isolated.

By Giving Carers a Break

It’s not just the wheelchair user who benefits from owning a WAV. Carers, whether they are friends or family, have much more freedom to organise their own lives if they won’t be needed as much to help with day-to-day tasks.

This also benefits the wheelchair user’s mental health, by enabling them to be more independent.

WAV Vehicles for Sale from Ransome Mobility

When you buy from Ransome Mobility, you can be sure of a top-quality service.We supply WAV vehicles to customers in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and right across East Anglia. All our vehicles are thoroughly checked over and cleaned before sale, and we offer a minimum six-month warranty as well.

We can fit a variety of vehicle adaptations, including easy release handbrakes, steering wheel balls, twin flip accelerators and scooter and wheelchair hoists, in line with your specific requirements.

If you can’t find your ideal car in our current selection of WAVs for sale, which you can view by clicking on this link, give us a call on 01473 727263. We should be able to find what you’re looking for – or we can adapt an existing one so that it meets all your needs.