Five Top Tips for Driving in Foggy Weather

The shortening days and the onset of winter means not just the increased likelihood of snow and ice, but another of the motorist’s worst enemies – fog.

The reduction in visibility that this brings can be of particular concern to disabled motorists, because of the risk of becoming stranded on the road. At Ransome Mobility, suppliers of used WAVs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and across East Anglia, we have provided these five top tips for driving in foggy or misty weather.

Check Your Car

You should always check your WAV regularly, but if foggy weather has been forecast, there may be one or two other specific areas you should check as a matter of priority. Do your headlights work properly, on dipped and main beam? And what about the front and rear foglights?

There are other instruments which you need to be sure are working properly too. You need to make sure the windscreen is as clear and clean as possible, and that the wipers aren’t too worn. The demister function, on both the front and rear screens, should also be checked. Keeping the heater on a warm setting will help the demister work more efficiently.

Allow More Time for Your Journey

Fog needs to be treated with as much respect as any other potential driving hazard like snow or ice. So if the forecast warns of reduced visibility, allow a lot more time for your journey – and ask yourself if your trip is absolutely necessary.

If you are already en route and conditions get worse, be prepared to pull off the main road and park up in a service area or a café. You may need to consider booking into a hotel for an overnight stop if it’s really bad.

Be Careful with Your Lights

While driving without fog lights isn’t illegal, the law says you must switch your headlights on if visibility drops to below 100 metres. Avoid switching your main lights onto full beam as, in thicker fog, the light they emit can be bounced back towards you. Dipped headlights will maximise your own visibility and protect other road users.

And don’t forget to switch your fog lights off if you can see at least 100 metres in front of you.  You could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice and fined £50, according to Section 236 of the Highway Code, if you fail to do this. This is because they can dazzle other drivers and obscure your own brake lights.

Keep a Safe Distance

Forecasters make a distinction between thick fog, where you can’t see more than 200 metres in front of you, and dense fog, where visibility is 50 metres or less. A car travelling at 30mph will cover 50 metres in less than four seconds – roughly the equivalent of 13 car lengths.

To give yourself plenty of time to complete the simplest of manoeuvres, slow down and keep a safe distance from the car in front. Don’t be tempted to hang onto the tail lights of the car in front, as this can lull you into a false sense of security.

Remove Any Distractions

While it can seem like a good idea to keep the radio on for the weather forecast or the traffic news, this can easily distract you from keeping a close eye on the road ahead.

To give yourself the best possible chance of hearing as well as seeing other vehicles on the road, consider opening your windows, particularly when approaching junctions or making a left- or right-hand turn. Remember that electric or hybrid vehicles don’t make as much noise as those with a petrol engine.

Used WAVs from Ransome Mobility

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