Five of the Best Cars Which Make Good WAVs

What makes a good WAV? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer because everyone’s requirements are different. There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a wheelchair access vehicle, including the overall size, where a wheelchair is going to go, how well it can be adapted in the future, and that’s before you get into the price!

After more than three decades of adapting and selling nearly new and used WAVs to customers in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and many other parts of East Anglia, these are the five vehicles that have continued to prove popular with our clients.


The Peugeot Partner

Has been one of the UK’s best-selling WAVs in recent years, and is also a very popular option for those using the the Motability Scheme. The standard Tepee model has five seats, this is reduced by one if it’s converted into a WAV.

There’s a large tailgate hinged at the top and a ramp which has been designed to be stowed flat to the floor when not in use, so that you can take full advantage of the huge luggage area.

Although Peugeot no longer makes the Tepee model, there are still plenty of nearly-new and used models around because it makes such a good WAV. If you want something new, then check out the Rifter model, which is aimed at replacing the Tepee.


The Ford Tourneo (Custom and Connect)

Both models are based on the iconic Ford Transit van. The standard five-seater Connect (pictured) has 2410 litres of space behind the front seats. In the seven-seater version, this figure rises to 2620 litres if you fold down the third row of seats. The larger Custom can even have up to nine seats, with the rear seats able to be arranged in a conference format so that they are facing each other.

As with most Fords, the quality of ride and handling is excellent.


The Citroen Berlingo

The Berlingo is the current What Car MPV of the Year, and an extremely practical WAV. Two, four- and six-seat versions (after modification) of the Berlingo are available.

It is possible to adapt the Berlingo with a range of other features such as lowered floors and wheelchair securing systems. The high ceiling means plenty of headroom, reducing the feeling of being hemmed in, while the sliding side doors offer easy access to passengers in the back seats in tight parking spaces.


The Renault Kangoo

This has been around since 1997 and still remains a popular choice. It was originally designed for easy conversion to a van, as well as into a WAV with a flat floor for securing a wheelchair. The single rear door, which opens upwards, is high enough not to interfere with any ramps or wheelchairs. Its box-like shape maximises the internal space, and the sliding passenger doors enable easy access, especially in confined spaces.

The Kangoo is one of the smaller vehicles we convert, which has its benefits in terms of lower insurance, running costs, price, and manoeuvrability.


The VW Caddy

The Caddy back even further than the Kangoo. To the 1980s, to be precise. It is a really versatile vehicle that could easily be used as either a commercial van or a large family car.

There are plenty of models of the Caddy. However, the ones that tend to be used as WAVs are the five-seater Caddy Life (pictured) and the seven-seater Maxi Life (with a longer wheelbase). It comes with either side or rear entry, petrol or diesel, and a variety of engine sizes (up to 2litre for diesels).

It is slightly narrower than the average WAV, and also slightly more expensive than ones of a similar size from other manufacturers, but it does hold its value well over time.


Nearly New and Used WAVs from Ransome Mobility

As well as these popular makes and models, we have a wide range of other vehicles available for sale or hire. Click on this link to see our current selection of WAVs. In the current climate, it is important to know that we are continuing to operate within the national coronavirus guidelines laid down by the government.

If you can’t find the kind of WAV you are looking for in our selection, give us a call on 01473 727263 as we should be able to find your ideal vehicle, thanks to our extensive network of contacts in the industry.

And remember, our expertise and experience means we can make a wide variety of vehicle adaptations. So even if you don’t think a particular car will suit you, you may be pleasantly surprised by the modifications we can make. These include fitting car handbrake aids, steering wheel balls, twin flip accelerators and many different types of scooter and wheelchair hoists.

We also offer additional services, including finance packages, insurance, as well as an excellent aftercare department, which means you can get your vehicle serviced on-site.