Five Key Benefits of Domestic Stairlifts


Using the stairs can present a problem for many people, effectively cutting them off from a large chunk of their own home. However, there is no need to worry – a stairlift provides a simple, cost-effective solution.

Ransome Mobility specialise in supplying and installing domestic stairlifts to homes across East Anglia – here are five key benefits of having one fitted in your own home.

Enjoy Your Whole Home

Having a stairlift fitted will mean all the upstairs rooms are now much more accessible. You won’t have to create a bedroom on the ground floor, which cuts down on the downstairs living space and causes significant disruption to other members of the household. Instead you can carry on enjoying the familiarity, peace and quiet and privacy of your own upstairs bedroom. Bathroom facilities, and any upstairs rooms which are used for leisure activities and hobbies, will also be much closer to hand.

Greater Independence

Being able to go up and downstairs independently means you don’t have to rely on a carer to fetch and carry items from one part of the house to another. Stairlifts also help to broaden the range of personal activities you can carry out independently, such as visits to the bathroom.

As well as all the practical benefits of greater independence this can also have a big impact on the quality of life for both the stairlift user and their carers. Users have more independence, as they no longer need to rely on other people as much. Carers also enjoy more freedom, as the demands on their time come down.

There’s No Need to Move House

If you have trouble getting around, health experts often recommend moving to a bungalow, to avoid the issue of stairs altogether, or to a care home, where you can be looked after by trained professionals.

However, many people prefer to stay in your own home for sentimental reasons – for instance if it is where you grew up, or have friends or family nearby. Other people worry about a potential loss of independence and privacy in a care home. Having a stairlift installed will avoid the need for any domestic upheaval.

They Makes Sound Financial Sense

Having a domestic stairlift fitted can save you money on several counts. As well as avoiding all the expense and hassle of moving home, you won’t need to have any adaptations carried out to make your home suitable for living on the ground floor.

Stairlifts can also reduce your need for any domestic home help, and you may be eligible for financial aid when you have one installed.

A Versatile Solution

Domestic stairlifts aren’t just for elderly people who don’t want to move home. They can help people of all ages – such as disabled children – or can be useful for a short period of time. For instance, they are useful to pregnant women, before or after they give birth, and to people who are recovering from an operation.

Domestic Stairlifts from Ransome Mobility

At Ransome Mobility we have many years of experience in supplying commercial and domestic stairlifts to homes and businesses throughout East Anglia. We can install either curved or straight stairlifts, depending on the layout of your house, and stock many of the sector’s leading names, including Homeadapt and Minivator.

If you know you will only require one for a limited period, we also offer straight stairlifts for rental. To get in touch and learn more about our range of products, click here  or call us on 01473 727263.