Dispelling Seven Common Myths About Stairlifts

Choosing a stairlift for your home or business can at first seem like a daunting prospect, not least because of the number of myths which have grown up around them in recent years.  But there is no need to worry.

Ransome Mobility is a leading supplier of commercial and domestic stairlifts in East Anglia. Here, we have outlined a few of the commonest misconceptions, looking at why they needn’t concern you – and how we can supply you with a stairlift which is tailor-made to meet your individual needs.

Myth: ‘They Damage Your Décor

One of the commonest myths about stairlifts is that they are fixed and attached to the walls of your home, and so will damage the decor. This is not true – stairlift tracks are attached to the stair treads and your chair is mounted on this. Qualified professionals will be able to mount and remove the tracks without damaging any paint or wallpaper.

Myth: ‘They Can Leave You Stranded’

Previously, most major makes of stairlift were powered by AC current, so if there was a power outage you could run the risk of being stranded halfway up the stairs. Nowadays, most stairlifts are fitted with rechargeable batteries which run off DC current. So if the main AC current fails, there should still be enough residual power left in the batteries for you to complete your journey up or down the stairs.

Myth: ‘Stairlifts Are Very Expensive’

Stairlifts need not be very expensive. There is a wide range of competitively-priced stairlifts on the market these days, and you should be able to find one which fits your medical needs and the layout of your home. Straight stairlifts can be fitted and working within two or three days of the initial consultation, and even more complex curved stairlifts can be fitted and working within two to four weeks after our visit.

Stairlifts are also comparatively cheap to run. They comply with modern European directives and it has been estimated that it costs as little as 0.1 to 0.2p per day to power up the rechargeable battery. Having a stairlift installed is also extremely cost-effective compared to the cost of moving to another home, such as a bungalow.

Myth: ‘They Will Hit Anything Left on the Stairs’

If you have young children or grandchildren who leave toys strewn across the stairs, or pets who like to have a nap on the steps, then there is no need to worry. Many stairlifts have remote safety sensors which automatically kick in if there is an obstruction in its path. And most of Ransome Mobility’s stairlifts also have a key switch to disable them, which will prevent any unauthorised use.

Myth: ‘Stairlifts Get In the Way’

Stairlifts need not make it difficult for able-bodied people to get around the house. We can supply special hinged tracks or slide tracks to keep the chairs away from hallways and doors when they are not being used. Other space-saving features on many models, such as foldaway seats, also help to minimise obstructions.

Myth: ‘They’re Only for the Elderly’

It is true that older people are more likely to find them useful, because they are more likely to have mobility problems. However, pain doesn’t discriminate, and younger people can have health issues as well, such as those caused by sports-related injuries or road accidents.

Myth: Stairlifts are Only Useful in the Home’

The Disability Discrimination Act requires all organisations to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ so that everyone, including people with disabilities, can enjoy their facilities and services. This means businesses such as hotels, B&Bs and guest houses, plus care and retirement homes run by housing associations, need to fit lifts or stairlifts to be compliant with the law.

Commercial and Domestic Stairlifts from Ransome Mobility

Ransome Mobility can supply and install a wide range of leading stairlift brands. We are a local company with a national reputation for quality and are not tied to any particular make, and we are approved installers for Minivator, Bison, Homeadapt, Access BDD and Freelift stairlifts. We work with customers across East Anglia, including Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Your initial, no-obligation consultation with us will be free and our friendly, experienced team can offer a high-quality aftercare service throughout the year. This applies whether you are interested in a straight or a curved stairlift, or are considering either renting or buying one outright.

If you would like to know more about our range of commercial and domestic stairlifts, follow this link or call us on 01473 727263.