Adapted Cars for Sale Suffolk – Keeping Up the Maintenance of Your WAV Vehicle


Maintenance is vital for all vehicles to keep them in a roadworthy condition and avoid breakdowns and accidents. If anything, this is even more essential for a wheelchair vehicle, because these cars are a lifeline for many drivers and passengers. As suppliers of adapted cars for sale serving customers across Suffolk and Norfolk, Ransome Mobility Solutions here look at why it is so important to maintain WAV cars in good working order.

General Car Maintenance

There are various key areas which need to be looked at in maintaining all types of vehicle, including wheelchair access cars. These include:

Bodywork and Tyres: Keeping an eye on the condition of bodywork is important, since small scuffs and scratches can become rusty if neglected. Even bird droppings can cause damage if they aren’t washed away quickly enough. However, if a car is regularly washed and waxed, and any chips or scratches are treated sooner rather than later, this can ensure bodywork stays in good condition.

Although the tyres might be less visible than the car’s paintwork, they are essential to the car’s safety. They need to be examined regularly to check the tread is still above the legal minimum. Tyres must also be inflated correctly and require checks for any cuts or slow punctures. Defective tyres can lead to motorists being fined and given penalty points, but the worst risk is that they could cause accidents. Tyre shine might not be essential, but can help to give a gleaming finish.

Fluids: Vehicles need supplies of various fluids in order to be kept in good working order. Oil is the most vital, with oil changes required at regular intervals, often when the car is serviced. However, in addition to full-scale oil changes, it’s also a good idea to check the oil level every couple of weeks and before any long journeys. If it seems to be going down more than it should, it’s best to get expert advice from a garage.

As well as oil, you need to regularly replenish water and coolant for the engine, which can only be put in when the car is cold. Antifreeze levels must of course be checked and topped up if necessary in time for winter, but cars also need antifreeze through the year as a safeguard against corrosion.

If you have power steering, the fluid reservoir needs to be checked monthly and also when your vehicle is serviced. Yet another important fluid is screen wash for your windscreen wipers. By law, this needs to be kept topped up so that you have good visibility in bad weather. The wipers themselves must also be maintained properly, with blades usually having to be replaced around once a year.

Lights/Bulbs and other Electrics: All your car’s lights should be checked on a weekly basis – not just the main headlamps, but indicators and fog lamps too. In bad weather, lights need regular wiping over with a damp cloth. Other electrical components also need to be checked.

Maintaining Car Adaptations

Regular servicing is essential for all cars and vans, including WAV vehicles. As well as all the standard components, car adaptations which are used in WAVs and other disabled access vehicles need to be kept in good order. These include hand controls for cars and steering wheel balls, in addition to wheelchair vehicle lifts and hoists.

All of these items play a vital role in keeping disabled motorists and passengers on the road, and are in constant use. This means it is important they are regularly inspected to spot any wear and tear, so that parts can be replaced as necessary.

A good vehicle adaptations provider will also look at whether needs of the car user have changed and whether any different adaptations are needed. If you want to alter a car so that it can accommodate different equipment, a WAV vehicles specialist can advise you on this.

Ransome Mobility offers full service to disabled motorists, which includes supplying a range of adapted cars for sale, fitting and adjusting car adaptations and servicing vehicles. Our engineers can carry out alterations such as raising the roof or lowering the floor of a vehicle to make access easier. We have many customers in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and across East Anglia.

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