Top Tips for Looking After Your Stairlift

Curved and straight stairlifts East Anglia – Maintenance tips

Stairlifts should always be properly maintained to prolong their life and ensure they don’t present a safety hazard. Here Ransome Mobility, who install straight and curved stairlifts for customers across East Anglia, provide some top tips on how to maintain your stairlift.


Clean it Regularly

Just like any other surface, stairlifts can attract dust. So give them a regular wipe down with a duster or a damp cloth, particularly the seat. However, make sure the stairlift is switched off first and that the seat is at the bottom of the stairs. This is because you don’t want it to start up suddenly while you are cleaning it, potentially causing accidents.

Clean it weekly, if possible, as a build-up of dust and grime can lead to reduced operating power over a period of time.


Get the Track Lubricated

This should be done every 2-3 months to ensure everything stays running smoothly. This may be a task for a more able-bodied person, or a Ransome Mobility engineer, because it can be quite fiddly, particularly if you have finger joint pain. If you decide to lubricate the track yourself, remove the dust and dirt beforehand otherwise this can congeal once the lubricant is added and prevent the smooth operation of the stairlift.


Take Care What You Use

If you are going to clean it yourself, remember anything that is designed for the kitchen isn’t necessarily suitable for a stairlift. This is because the abrasive ingredients in many common cleaning solvents can seep into the electronics, ruining circuit boards and other intricate components. Cleaning solvents can also damage the chair, carriage, as well as the tracks. Such cleaning products can cause the track roller to lose friction whilst in operation which can cause skids, slips and falls.

Equally, don’t be tempted to use versatile cleaners such as WD40 and 3in1 sprays as these contain petroleum which will eat away at any rubber components in your stairlift. A lubricant with a silicone base is better as these will help preserve the rubber components and any other seals in the system. If you are in any doubt you may be best leaving it to an experienced Ransome Mobility engineer.


Overall Usage

Every stairlift should be used regularly to keep it in good working order. Therefore, if you aren’t planning on using it for a day or more it’s sometimes a good idea to make a ‘trip’ upstairs or downstairs just to keep the parts operating smoothly.

Alternatively, if you are using your stairlift more regularly than usual (such as if you have a visitor who also needs to use it), make sure it’s fully charged. Don’t forget the batteries in any remote control either.


Check the Instruction Manual – or Contact Ransome Mobility

Most stairlifts come with instruction manuals that may have specific maintenance recommendations depending on the make and model. Failing that, contact us at Ransome Mobility because we have many years of experience in installing and maintaining straight and curved stairlifts in homes, businesses and public buildings across East Anglia. You can call us on 01473 727263 and we will be happy to give you any advice you need.

We usually stock a wide range of brands, including HomeAdapt, Acccess BDD and Minivator stairlifts.  To check out the models we currently have in stock, click on this link.

Remember, you don’t have to buy your stairlift outright either because we also offer stairlift rental to all our customers across East Anglia, which is particularly useful if you think you’ll only need it for a short period of time, such as while you are recovering after an operation.

We also offer a full around-the-clock aftercare service, including annual services and emergency callouts.

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