Top Tips for Ensuring Your WAV is Safe and Secure

Wheelchair access vehicles for sale Norfolk – from Ransome Mobility

Having one’s car stolen is a distressing experience for every owner – and particularly for disabled motorists who rely so much on their wheelchair access vehicles. Ransome Mobility have a wide variety of wheelchair access vehicles for sale to customers in Norfolk, Suffolk and across East Anglia; here we provide some top tips which should help ensure your WAV isn’t targeted by thieves.


Traditional Advice

Much of the old-fashioned advice for protecting your vehicle is still valid; it won’t guarantee that your WAV isn’t targeted (no security method is entirely thief-proof) but they should at least greatly reduce the chances of you becoming a crime victim.

So you should:

  • Always leave it in the garage overnight (if you have one); and always park it in a well-lit area and preferably within the range of a CCTV camera if it’s in a public place
  • Make sure any valuables (not just wallets and purses, but high-tech devices such as mobile phones and tablets) are either completely covered up or left in the boot
  • Avoid leaving valuables in the glove box, as this is usually the first place thieves will look if they do gain entry
  • Security devices such as steering wheel locks, dashcams and locking wheel nuts are also a good idea – provided you can fit them into your WAV without affecting anything else too much, such as visibility. You also need to be sure that you – or your loved one – can still operate the device in spite of any disability they or you may have.


High-Tech Advice

These days, most cars are locked by the push of a button on a key fob, rather than the physical turn of a key. This, unfortunately, has seen car thieves become ever more skilled at using a variety of scientific techniques to break into vehicles. Here are some of the principal ones – and what you should do if you suspect you’ve been targeted.

Keyless theft – if your key is near a window or door, thieves can use technology to amplify the signal from your key and send it to someone standing next to the car, who can simply open the door without breaking into it.

Fortunately, some vehicle keys can be turned off when not in use. Check your owner’s manual or speak to us to find out if your key allows you to do this – just remember to turn it back on when you need to use your vehicle.

Key fob jamming – sometimes, thieves can disrupt the signal your key sends to the lock by using their own signal jammer. This means even when you have pressed the lock button on your key, your vehicle won’t actually be locked.

When locking your car, make sure you hear the ‘click’ of the lock, and the flashing lights, which should indicate that your vehicle has been secured. It also helps if you don’t try to lock the vehicle from some distance away, particularly in a public car park, as this will give the thieves greater scope when it comes to intercepting the signal.

Another solution is to buy a special signal-blocking bag, called a Faraday pouch, named after the 19th century English inventor Michael Faraday. The pouch insulates the key from electromagnetic radiation and protects it against the technology used by thieves. It is important to test these pouches by standing next to your car with the key in it and seeing if the key works. These pouches help prevent both keyless theft and key fob jamming.

App hacking – thieves can target the vulnerabilities of car-related mobile apps to gain unauthorised access to your car controls. This can allow them to unlock your car, effectively bypassing the key fob.

You should protect your phone or mobile device on which the app is installed with a strong, unique password and fingerprint or facial recognition if possible. Regularly update the apps to ensure you have the latest security features. If possible, use two-factor authentication for added security.


Wheelchair Access Vehicles for Sale in Norfolk from Ransome Mobility

At Ransome Mobility, we have a variety of vehicles for sale or hire to customers across East Anglia – for full details of what we currently have in stock, follow this link. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, remember we can fit a wide variety of vehicle adaptations at our Suffolk base. These include twin flip accelerators, steering wheel balls, plus scooter and wheelchair hoists.

You can also call us on 01473 727263 and we will be happy to give experienced, professional advice on not just the adaptations but any security features you might want to have installed.

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