Top Tips for Driving in Cold Weather

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Winter is almost here, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges for disabled drivers and passengers. Ransome Mobility, who supply nearly new and used WAVs to customers in Suffolk, Essex and all across East Anglia, have come up with five top tips to help you stay safe both inside and outside your vehicle as the temperatures plummet.

Check Your Vehicle’s Overall Condition

To ensure that your vehicle gets enough grip, it is vital to check that your tyres are not too worn. If the tread on your tyres is less than 1.6mm, it is time to get them changed. While you are there, also check to see that the tyre pressure is in line with manufacturer recommendations.

With the increased risk of snow and ice, it is crucial that your visibility of the road remains good. Therefore, make sure that your windscreen wipers are functioning correctly, you have de-icer in the boot, and the windscreen fluid bottle is full. Never use boiling or hot water to clear your windscreen of ice because this can crack the glass.

Bear in mind that just as the cold weather can affect your WAV, it can also affect other disability aids such as wheelchairs, hoists, and lifts, so check these are in good working order too.

Pack Plenty of Essentials

Even if you regularly check your vehicle’s condition, breakdowns will still happen from time to time. That is why it is good to carry an emergency kit that contains a blanket, a torch, water and snacks, a first aid kit, and hi-vis clothing.

Running out of phone battery in an emergency can make a bad situation even worse, so always make sure it is fully charged before you set off on your journey.

One more thing to be careful about packing as the festive season approaches is Christmas presents. Don’t leave them in plain sight in your WAV because you may become a target for thieves.

Get Rid of any Ice and Snow

If you are not using your vehicle much, it is a good idea to turn the key in the ignition and let the engine run for a few minutes from time to time. This is because if it has not been used for a long time, it may not start when you really need it to. The chances of this happening increase on very cold and icy or snowy days.

Keeping your WAV in a garage will reduce this risk and save you time cleaning off snow and ice. Should you not have the luxury of a garage, using a special cover for your vehicle or even newspapers on the windscreen will limit the amount of ice build-up.

Failure to clear of snow and ice from your vehicle’s windows, roof, mirrors and indicators will not only increase your chances of being involved in an accident, but also of receiving a fixed penalty notice for driving your vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time – Wherever You’re Going

It is very easy to think right now that there will be much less traffic on the roads because of lockdown and virus precautions. However, it may still take longer to get to your destination than you think because of the road conditions. So keep a close eye on the weather, and to check the local traffic reports too, because an accident could delay you even if the weather is good.

Disabled drivers or passengers with mobility issues can be vulnerable to trips and falls on any surface – and especially if it’s in an icy or freezing condition. Therefore, giving yourself plenty of time also means you are not in a rush to get to your vehicle or to your destination, letting you tread carefully.

Brake and Accelerate Gently

In snow and ice you should drive more slowly and leave plenty of room between you and the car ahead. This is because breaking may take longer than normal. When you are parked up, or have temporarily stopped at a roundabout or set of traffic lights, one handy tip is to set off in second gear to avoid the problem of wheelspin.

When going up a hill, try to maintain a constant speed to avoid changing gear. When going downhill, slow down, use a low gear, and try to avoid breaking.

Nearly New and Used WAVs from Ransome Mobility

Ransome Mobility have a very large range of nearly new and used WAVs for sale to customers in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, and all across East Anglia. We can also fit these with a range of vehicle adaptations, including steering wheel balls, twin-flip and left foot accelerators, and a range of scooter lifts and hoists should you need.

All our vehicles also come with MOTs and a minimum six-month warranty. If you would like to know more about our WAVs and ongoing servicing, call us on 01473 727263 or click on this link to fill out our online contact form.

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