The Key Advantages of Fitting Wheelchair Hoists to Your WAV

Wheelchair hoists – from Ransome Mobility

For all the various vehicle adaptations that can be fitted inside wheelchair access vehicles – whether they are to the accelerator pedal, the handbrake or the steering wheel – disabled people still need to get into the car in the first place and may need extra assistance. Ransome Mobility can fit wheelchair hoists to a wide range of cars; here we look at the advantages this piece of equipment can provide.



Even if the person can get into the vehicle unaided, for example without using a wheelchair or scooter, a wheelchair hoist is still a good idea because it will ease the pressure on their arms – which they often have to use a lot just to propel their wheelchair.

And remember, even if you can don’t need a wheelchair or scooter at the start of your journey, you may well need it at the other end, depending on where you are going, the kinds of facilities it has available and how close you can park to your final destination.

Also, some people may not be physically capable of lifting a wheelchair even if they use one regularly. It’s all too easy to have an accident, or to overstretch yourself if, you don’t have any mechanical help lifting your wheelchair or scooter, and this applies to carers as well as disabled people. So a hoist is a great option just to be on the safe side.


Saving Time

Working out how to get the wheelchair (or scooter) into and out of any vehicle, particularly an unmodified one, can be extremely time-consuming.

Hoists can be placed in the right position to cause minimum disruption, both at the start of the journey and the end and they are usually quick and easy to operate (most models have pushbuttons) particularly once you are used to them.



Another problem of going for the DIY option when it comes to putting your mobility aid in the car is that it can severely restrict your visibility and passenger space (as well as what else you can store inside the vehicle) if you don’t opt for a bespoke hoist which matches your car.

Made to measure hoists (particularly for the smaller wheelchairs and scooters) are unobtrusive and you should be able to fit them, and your mobility aid, within the boot or luggage space without impacting the driver’s sightlines (whether they are disabled or not).


Wheelchair Hoists from Ransome Mobility

At Ransome Mobility we can fit a range of wheelchair hoists to your vehicle in line you’re your needs. For instance, if you only have a lightweight wheelchair or mobility scooter, then we can fit one of our 40-80kg hoists (the number refers to the range of weight it can lift) – for more details follow this link.

If you have a heavier wheelchair or scooter, then go for one of our 100kg, 150kg or 200 kg hoists – for more information click here.


Other Accessible Solutions from Ransome Mobility

And remember, if wheelchair hoists don’t work for you, for whatever reason, then we can fit a range of other modifications to your WAV to help you get in and out of it easily. We offer adaptations and accessible vehicles in Norfolk, Suffolk and throughout East Anglia.

These include swivel seats, our Carony Turnout System and our Carony Drive System. Fitting the first and second of these means you don’t have to worry about lifting any passenger in or out of any WAV as both are fully dockable systems; and the Drive System allows you to drive the vehicle direct from your wheelchair.

If you have any questions about what is right for you, give us a call on 01473 727263; you can also follow this link, fill in the online form and we will get back to you.

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