Selling Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

However happy you are with your current wheelchair accessible vehicle, there will come a time when you will want to sell it on, either because your needs have changed (e.g. you want a larger or a smaller vehicle) or because you want to upgrade to a newer model.

When that happens, Ransome Mobility, Suffolk-based wheelchair accessible vehicle specialists, are here to help you find you the ideal WAV for your needs. But what about disposing of your existing vehicle?

There are three main options available to you, but they differ a great deal in how much money you might get back and the amount of effort you will have to put in to achieve a sale.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Suffolk – Selling your WAV

Sell Privately

It is possible to offer your WAV for sale on specialist websites. Here, you will need to provide pictures and a description of your vehicle, including full technical details of any adaptations made to the car. Getting this description right is essential, as buyers will be looking for very specific requirements to meet their own needs.

Although the website acts as an intermediary for the purposes of advertising and finding potential buyers, all the nuts and bolts of the sale rest with you. That includes preparing your WAV for sale, dealing with enquiries by phone or email, arranging viewings and test drives for interested buyers, haggling over the price, organising the paperwork and arranging the financial transaction.

If you feel comfortable with all of these aspects and have the time to spend arranging viewings, this can be a good option. Depending on the state of your wheelchair accessible vehicle, it can potentially produce the highest return, but the amount of work involved may well seem prohibitive to some.

For instance, potential buyers can be highly influenced by relatively minor issues unrelated to the underlying condition of the car, such as overall cleanliness, cigarette smells and the presence of personalised stickers or decals on the windows and bodywork. Dealing with these kinds of issues and getting your vehicle into showroom condition, inside and out, is not a quick job by any means. If you are unable to do this level of preparation yourself, then you could be waiting a long time to find a willing buyer and you could end up with a much lower price for the car than you might have achieved otherwise.

In short, although this option potentially gives the best return, the amount of time and effort required to get a sale is very high.

Sell to a Company

The last few years have seen a big growth in companies that offer to buy “any car” – and some companies offer to buy any WAV or adapted vehicle too. The upside of taking this route is that you can achieve a fast sale, without the need for a lot of cleaning and other preparation, and without having to organise viewings from potential buyers.

The downside however, is that this type of company typically pay values that are well below market price. Companies do vary, however, so there is no harm in getting a quote if you are curious.

Part Exchange for your new Wheelchair Access Vehicle

The third option is to part exchange your vehicle, using it as part payment for your new car. The valuation for your old car may not be quite as high you might get for a private sale, but it will be based on the true, underlying condition of the car, taking into account things like the age of the car, mileage, service history and condition of the bodywork, rather than more cosmetic issues such as how tidy it is inside or whether it’s been washed recently.

Price aside, there is one other major advantage in opting for a part exchange, and that is timing. Most people need to sell their old WAV first in order to help pay for their new vehicle. But it can take some time to find the vehicle you want and have any adaptations made to it. If you sell privately or to a company, this may leave you without a vehicle for a period of time, which may or may not be a problem depending on what you use the vehicle for. By opting for a part exchange, you eliminate this problem. You can hand over your old vehicle at the same time as you pick up your new one.

Wheelchair Access Vehicle Suffolk – Ransome Mobility offer part exchange on most types of WAV and even non-adapted vehicles too. Click the link to find out more.

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