Peace of Mind When Buying Your WAV

WAV Vehicles Norfolk, Suffolk

When you buy a wheelchair access vehicle there is a great deal to think about to make sure it is the right one for you.

Ransome Mobility Solutions supply used and nearly new WAV vehicles in Norfolk, Suffolk and across East Anglia. Here is our guide to a number of key areas – some of which can be easily overlooked – you ought to consider before choosing a WAV.

Meeting the Cost

Buying a WAV is a financial investment, whether you are buying one for the first time or replacing an existing vehicle. The nature of your disability may have changed, so you might need new or additional adaptations to the vehicle; or you may need to accommodate extra people, such as family members or carers, who could also be driving it.

If you would like to spread the cost, Ransome Mobility have teamed up with Southern Finance, who are experts in this field. This means we can offer individually-tailored finance solutions over a number of months or years, depending on your requirements. We can offer part-exchange on most WAVs, whether you are trading in a WAV or another type of vehicle.


If you buy a nearly new or used WAV, you want the assurance that it will not run into any problems after you have purchased it.

All the WAVs Ransome Mobility sell come with a comprehensive warranty which will be at least six months long. We check them inside and out, and give them a full valet service before purchase. Some of the newer vehicles we sell may also have manufacturers’ warranties which can be for a longer period of time.


This can be a complicated area, especially if you are a disabled driver. Your options may be more limited because many insurance companies may not offer many suitable policies, taking account of medical conditions, as well as any adaptations made to the vehicle. The policy may also need to cover more than one person if the WAV is to be driven by a carer or family member as well as yourself.

Ransome Mobility can offer, through its partnership with specialists Fish Insurance, a competitively-priced insurance package for your WAV. This can provide discounts to both people with disabilities and their carers, whoever is driving the vehicle. The policy can also include specific clauses such as breakdown recovery and wheelchair in transit cover. Arranging it all through us will save you a good deal of time and paperwork, as you will not need to deal with another company.

MoT Certificates

You will need one of these if your WAV is over three years old, and it will have to be renewed annually after that. It is aimed at ensuring that all vehicles, not just WAVs, are roadworthy. Areas looked at during an MoT test include seatbelts, steering, suspension, all electrical components, all the doors and the windscreen.

If you have identified a WAV that you want to buy, then Ransome Mobility can carry out a full MoT on it ahead of the sale. This means you won’t have to worry about it for another 12 months. We can also arrange subsequent MoTs, making life far more convenient for you.

Servicing and Maintenance

We carry out full services of our WAVs before selling them to you. Our comprehensive aftercare programme means we have fully trained engineers who can also carry out any subsequent servicing on site. We can lend you a suitable wheelchair accessible vehicle to keep you on the road while your own WAV is being checked. We appreciate that a wheelchair access vehicle represents a vital link to the outside world for wheelchair users and their families.

Ransome Mobility Solutions supply nearly new and used WAV vehicles to customers in Norfolk and Suffolk and other areas including Northampton, Cambridge and Peterborough.

We can carry out a wide range of adaptations to your vehicle, which includes fitting easy release handbrakes and gearshifts, swivel seats and wheelchair hoists. To find out what WAVs we currently have available, follow the link above.

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