Straight Stairlifts & Curved Stairlifts: Stairlift Usage Scenarios

Many people wonder if they could really benefit from having straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts at home and perhaps have a particular image in mind of the type of person who would use one.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realise the many different ways that straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts could make their lives easier and give them more independence. So they miss out on all the benefits that they can achieve by having one.

At Ransome Mobility we receive enquires from people every day who are considering straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts and each of our customers have slightly different needs. Here we have put together some fictional but fairly typical examples of how our customers put our straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts to use.

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Scenario 1: I Have Difficulty Bending My Knees, How Can I Benefit From a Stairlift?

Customer Robert is aged just 72 but following a number of hip and knee operations, he finds it difficult to tackle the stairs at home. He can walk on flat ground with no problem at all, but bending the hip and knee joints presents a problem.

Robert lives in a two storey house with his wife Jean, aged 70. Jean helps Robert up and downstairs to the bedroom and bathroom as they do not have a downstairs WC. Robert’s wife is quite petite and although reasonably fit, she does find this, together with all the extra fetching and carrying, quite wearing at times. On top of this, Jean also has to contend with doing some of the heavier tasks that Robert used to do, such as carrying baskets of washing up and downstairs.

The couple had been considering moving their bedroom downstairs to help matters, and having a downstairs bathroom installed. However, they rejected the idea as it would have cost them several thousand pounds.

Instead they have looked at the possibility of straight stairlifts which was a much cheaper option than adding another bathroom. It also allows Robert to make trips to the bathroom unaided and to go up to bed on his own.

Robert and Jean opted for the Minivator 1000 stairlift where Robert can perch rather than sit so he does not have to bend much. Jean is now free to go out with the comfort of knowing that Robert can manage on his own. This has also given Robert a greater sense of personal freedom and feels relieved that he no longer causing so much extra work for Jean.

Opting for one of our straight stairlifts also means that Jean can often use it to help carry items up and down stairs. The dual remote control allows her to call the lift upstairs or for Robert to call it down as and when he needs to use it.

Scenario 2: We Have Very Narrow Stairs, Can We Have a Stairlift Installed?

John and Marian, 76, have a multi-flight town house with very narrow stairs and the couple both need help negotiating the stairs.

They opted for one of our curved stairlifts (the Flow) which is suitable for stairs as narrow as 61 cm. It can tackle all the flights in one go and can also stop at the first level. The Flow also benefits from dual remote controls so both users can call it to wherever they are. The swivel seat feature means they are not dependent on another person to help them mount or dismount.

Up until now they have been living on the ground floor with friends and neighbours helping to bring things from upstairs as and when needed. Living downstairs is a bit cramped and it is also hard to get time or the space needed to carry out their separate hobbies – John likes model-making and Jean enjoys embroidery.

Choosing from one of our curved stairlifts means they can both pursue their separate interests and this adds greatly to their sense of freedom and quality of life. In particular they now feel  that they have managed to regain a sense of living a normal life again.

Scenario 3: I Worry About Whether I Can Get on with a Stairlift in My Home? Is it Easy to Operate?

Roger, 68, would be an obvious candidate for one of our straight stairlifts but has multiple objections to having one installed. He talked his concerns over with one of our experienced engineers and soon learned the benefits of straight stairlifts and how easy they are to operate.

His worries are quite common. Initially, he was worried that he was a bit of a technophobe who would not normally want to be involved with gadgets. However, we showed him how easy the stairlift was to use and he was soon comfortable operating it.

As with all our installations, our engineer gave Roger full instruction on the use of his new stairlift and did not leave until Roger was completely happy about how to use it.

Roger also has a pet dog and was worried about it being injured. However, the Flow has sensitive edging which means that it will stop automatically when it comes into contact with an obstruction.

Our customer was also concerned about the restricted space at the bottom of the stairs and was worried about blocking the door or passageway in his home. However, the Flow is very adaptable and has a minimum 80mm track at the bottom of the stairs which means that a hinge is not necessary.

Roger had also had worries about whether his staircase would be strong enough to support a stairlift, as he lives in an older style property. We carried out a full survey of his staircase and walls and were able to assure him that they could support his chosen stairlift with no difficulty.

Another concern Roger had was being pressured to buy. However, his fears were allayed when he had a Ransome Mobility home consultation as we have no hard sales tactics and Roger had plenty of time to think it over before making his decision.

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