Stairlift Design – Finding a Stairlift to Fit Discreetly Into Your Home

Safety and practicality is always the first concern when it comes to buying straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts. However, very often buyers are also looking for something discreet, so their mobility device doesn’t take up too much space and fits well with the decor of their home.

Although we may well be a long way off from stairlifts that fold into the wall, or neatly slot within the stairway, most modern straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts are designed to be tasteful and understated. Many are slimline, with foldaway seats and armrests and powered or linked footrests. Some versions also have a variety of seat colour options to choose from.

Our engineers are often asked about the visual appearance of these mobility devices and here we shall look at how stairlifts are designed to work with your interior.

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Slimline Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts don’t have to be big and bulky. In fact there are a number of sturdy and reliable slimline stairlifts on the market that are suitable for even the narrowest of stairs.

Stairlifts are designed so all household occupants can use the stairs comfortably without the device getting in the way. Narrow staircases are usually more of a problem with houses with curved stairs, but we have curved stairlifts to suit all types of staircases – even spiral staircases. Whatever your style of home, here at Ransome Mobility we can find a stairlift to suit your needs.

For a super thin curved stairlift design, the Flow stairlift is a fantastic space saver and is suitable for unusual as well as exceptionally narrow staircases (staircases as narrow as 24 inches). It runs on an extra slim rail too (3.15 inches) so it is ideal for all types of home. And if you have a small hallway, or one with a doorway at the base of the stairs, the Flow Stairlift has a drop nose rail option, so it won’t block this area.

If you are looking for a space saving stairlift with a weight capacity of up to 30 stone, the Elite Curved stairlift can provide the answer. It takes the least possible space on the stairs as the stairlift is fixed to the steps, rather than the wall; it can also be installed 7 inches to the wall to allow for more room on the stairs.

Hinged Tracks and Slide Tracks

Depending on the layout of your hallway or landing, sometimes a stairlift track can over-run a door or corridor. However, hinged tracks offer the perfect solution for this. These are available as optional extras and you can either lift the track manually, or have one that goes up automatically.

Alternatively, slide tracks are unique to Minivator’s Simplicity models of stairlift. The slide track moves automatically once the stairlift starts, so it leaves the hallway doors and corridors free of any track barrier.

Foldaway Stairlifts

In order that your mobility aid takes up as little space as possible foldaway arms, footrests and seats are available as standard on all stairlifts. This means other stair users can come and go without bumping into the stairlift or having to squeeze their way past it.

Stairlifts are also available with linked footrests or powered footrest risers as an optional extra. A linked footrest means that the footrest is linked (or connected) to the seat – so the two will fold up at the same time. A powered footrest riser means a switch is used to raise the footrest automatically – and both these options eliminate the need to bend down.

Stairlift Colours and Seat Options

While the basic models of stairlift are available in just one standard colour, other models offer various colour choices and even different seating materials to choose from. This ensures your stairlift fits easily within your home and you feel comfortable and happy with your mobility device.

If you have a straight staircase, the Homeglide Extra straight stairlifts have six different upholstery colour options including: cream, grey, red, brown, blue and green. The Minivator 1000 and the Simplicity Plus also have various seat colour options, so you can choose something to suit your interior.

For curved staircases, the Freelift Rembrandt and Van Gogh have various colours to choose from, as well as different materials. The options are a leather grain effect in anthracite, Bordeaux red, beige and green, or a woven effect in brown, maroon and green.

The Flow offers a wider choice with various fabric, rail and vinyl colours (for footrests), which means you can really personalise your mobility aid. The fabric choices are black, blue, beige and red; the rail colours are grey, white/grey, beige/brown and brown/grey; and the footrest colours are red, grey, sisal, blue, maroon and green. Other stairlifts we sell that offer different colour options are the Minivator 2000 and the Platinum Curved stairlifts.

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