Sitting Pretty on Multi Level Staircases – Choose Curved Stairlifts from Ransome Mobility

It could be easy to think that if your staircase is not straightforward, a stairlift is not an option in your home but with curved stairlifts made to fit individual staircases, this simply isn’t the case. Whether you have a standard curved staircase, a staircase with tight bends, or even a spiral staircase, we have a range of specially designed curved stairlifts that could help you to sit tight in your own home and familiar surroundings, even if your mobility is declining.

Why Choose Ransome Mobility for Curved Stairlifts?

An independent company, at Ransome Mobility we are not restricted to any one supplier of curved stairlifts. This means that we can select from the best range and from the most reputable manufacturers in the UK, including Minivator, Homeadapt, Freelift, Access BDD and Platinum, always offering the best solution for your needs.

We will guide you through the options suitable for your circumstances and your home, making sure we choose carefully from our range of curved stairlifts to match your needs perfectly – taking into account both your present needs and likely future needs.

And with such a wide range available, it can be a good idea to see and try some potential curved stairlifts before committing to an installation. At Ransome Mobility we welcome you to make an appointment to come to our showroom, where we have a full selection of lifts for preview.

Homeadapt Elite
Homeadapt Elite curved stairlifts are elegantly designed with wider and more comfortable seating and a 30 stone weight capacity.

With foldaway arms, seat and footplate, an easy to use seatbelt, adjustable seat height, a manual swivel seat, toggle operating switch and two remote controls, they also feature easy to read, at-a-glance charging station indicator lights at the top and bottom of the rail.

Platinum Curved
Platinum curved stairlifts are suitable for most types of curved staircases and can be made and installed more speedily than some other models, helping you to quickly regain your independence. Closely hugging the rail, they are suitable for most types of staircases.

Standard features include a retractable seat belt, joy stick controls, an easy to use automatic swivel seat, battery back-up in the event of power failure, remote control, a safety key switch, footrest and fully adjustable seat height. The comfortable padded seat comes in a range of colour options.

Flow are very versatile slimline curved stairlifts that fit beautifully and discreetly into your home and are perfect for trickily shaped staircases, narrow stairs or for staircases with more than just one landing. The chair and footrest turns as it moves so it can negotiate even the narrowest areas.

Standard features include a retractable seat belt, a fully padded seat in a range of colours, two remote controls, a choice of three easy to use joy sticks (which also double up as a safety key switch), adjustable seat height, manual swivel seat and foldaway seat, arm and footrests.

Minivator 2000
Great value for money, Minivator 2000s make for very reliable and effective curved stairlifts with an easy to use toggle which can be used by people with arthritic hands. They can also be installed to suit either right or left-handed customers.

The standard features offered by the Minivator 2000 include two remote controls, a safety key switch (to stop unauthorised use of the stairlift), a fully adjustable seat height, fold away seat, arms and footplate and a manual swivel seat.

Freelift Van Gogh
Neat and compact with a slimline design, Van Gogh curved stairlifts fit to the external bend of the stairs and offer a very smooth ride. If a stairway is especially narrow it can travel downwards at a 45 degree angle which also offers a solution for those who have difficulty bending their knees.

As well as a foldaway seat, arms and footrest to save on space and allow room for other stair users, standard features include an easy to use joystick control (for left and right-handed users), two remote controls, an independent safety key switch, a padded manual swivel seat in a range of colours to blend in with your home.

Take a closer look through some of the curved stairlifts on offer from Ransome Mobility or call us on 0844 856 9790

Installing Curved Stairlifts

It is important to get the measure of the setting for curved stairlifts before any work can begin. From receiving your call, we will immediately start to gather the information we need to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.

After chatting over your situation, your needs and giving you a rough guide to the sort of budget involved, we will then arrange a date to come and visit you in your home, to take a look at your staircase, take some dimensions, note any special features and give you a quote.

This survey and our quote are completely without obligation for you to buy from us and there is no pushy sales process – once you have a price, the next move is entirely your own.

Curved Stairlifts – Fitted to Your Needs

Because no two curved staircases are necessarily the same, neither are two curved stairlifts. Over time, movement will occur within the bends of your stairs, meaning that measurements need to be very precise to match the mechanism to the fitting. This makes the process more lengthy, with parts needing to be ordered in or made to measure, and the fitting itself taking longer. All in all, from receiving your order, the installation should be complete and fully functioning in your home within two to five weeks.

And, of course, the extra process involved also adds up to a more expensive stairlift than a simple straight one, but with Ransome Mobility, because we are constantly reviewing the market and as we have bulk buying power, you can be assured of very competitive prices.

Why Choose Ransome Mobility? 

With over 31 years’ experience supplying and installing mobility lifts and other devices, we are proud to offer the highest levels of customer service at the lowest possible prices. And because we are an independent company, we are not restricted to any one stairlift manufacturer, so we will always give you totally impartial advice and recommendations based on your needs.

Our service doesn’t stop once we have installed your stairlift either. Offering regular maintenance plans to help keep your stairlift running for a lifetime, our team of in-house and mobile engineers can support you for as long as you require – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Find out about our range of curved stairlifts today or call 0844 8569790 to arrange a visit to our showroom.