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Whether you are disabled yourself, or caring for a relative who has a disability or is elderly and infirm, you will want to think about mobility aids to make it easier to get in and out of the bath. This is something to consider together with the possibility of ramps or widened doorways for your home.

Taking a long relaxing soak is stress-busting and it also helps to relieve aches and pains. It is something which we would all like the ability and freedom to enjoy, as a way of taking a break from the demands of everyday life.

However, if you are disabled, there can be difficulties when you take a bath. For instance, the slippery surface can be quite dangerous. It also requires strength to get in and out of the tub, as well as flexibility in both your arms and legs, including the ability to bend your knees. If you are a carer, you may well find yourself struggling to lift your friend or relative at bathing times, so you will need bath aids to make things easier.

Some baths have doors on them, but a difficulty with this is that you have to get into an empty bath and sit there while the water runs in. You must then also remain sitting while all the water drains away before getting out, so this option may not be suitable for many. Fortunately there are bath lifts available as an alternative, and here we shall spotlight this type of aid for the bathroom.

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About Bath Lifts

Reclining Bath lifts allow you to get into the tub with ease even if you are disabled, by sitting comfortably in a seat while you are lowered into the water. Welsh inventor Dave Garman invented the first powered structured lift of this type, the Mangar Bathlift, in 1979, inspired by the difficulties which an elderly relative was having with bathing. Over the years since then, a greater range of mobility aids has been developed to stop bathing from turning into an ordeal.

What You Need From a Bath Lift

The main qualities which are needed from a bath lift are that it should be secure, safe, comfortable, well-made and easy to use. It must have a non-slippery surface to avoid causing any hazards and you may need it to be easy to remove if someone else wants to use the bath. Of course, value for money is also an important factor in your decision about which aid to buy, and the lift needs to look attractive enough to have in your bathroom.

Ransome Mobility’s Minivator Bliss bath lift fulfils all these requirements. It is sturdy and hard-wearing, which is one of the reasons why it has become such a popular choice for safe bathing. Here are some more reasons behind its popularity:

Easy to Use – The Minivator has been constructed with ease of use as a top priority, and has a waterproof hand control which puts you in charge throughout. You can be gently lowered into the water and then recline until you are in a comfortable position. Then, just press the control again when it is time to be raised out of the bath.

Comfortable – Your comfort is also a vital consideration and the good news here is that this fully height-adjustable, reclining lift offers a choice of positions geared to your individual needs. It means you can feel at ease while bathing, as well as while getting in and out. The Minivator also includes large folding side panels to make the transfer on and off the lift an easier process. These panels can be easily adjusted to fit your bath.

Safe – Minivator Bliss bath lifts come with important safety features, including anti-slip covers and secure suction pads which can be attached to tiles around the bath or any other smooth surface. What’s more, the intelligent hand control won’t let the lift be lowered into the water unless there is enough power to get it out again safely, so there is no danger of anyone being left stranded in the bath.

Removable – If you want to remove the lift, for instance, because someone else wants to use the bath, then it can easily be taken out by releasing the suction pads. The unit will also fold up for easy storage.

Attractive –  A clean white base will blend in with most bathrooms, and there is a choice of blue or silver coloured anti-slip covers.

Value for Money – The Minivator also offers great value, so, if you would like to find out more, contact Ransome Mobility’s specialist team for a quotation tailored to your own requirements.

About Ransome Mobility

With 30 years of experience, Ransome Mobility is based in Suffolk and also serves customers across a wide area. We are experts on mobility aids and pride ourselves on offering the best service at the lowest prices available, with our team of engineers available to help round the clock.

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