Mobility Hand Controls – Why Choose Ransome Mobility?

Mobility aids, such as mobility hand controls are gadgets or instruments that are designed to make it easier for disabled people to get around. Devices such as mobility hand controls, can be fitted to a disabled driver’s vehicle to improve their mobility. This means that they are able to get out and about to do shopping and see friends and family without having to depend on someone to drive them around and without having to rely on public transport or taxis.

Nearly all car adaptations can be fitted to a wide range of make and model of cars. Most of these can be easily removed if a driver without impairments wishes to drive the car and, if they can’t be removed, they are designed so that they do not get in the way when an able-bodied driver is driving the car.

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Mobility Hand Controls – How We Can Benefit You

At Ransome Mobility we have a wide range of car adaptations available. This article looks at the benefits of choosing Ransome Mobility to purchase and install your car adaptations.

Long Standing Company

At Ransome Mobility we are a well established company, with a reputation for outstanding service. We have vast experience of fitting a wide range of mobility aids for disabled people, including mobility hand controls for vehicles and home adaptations including straight and curved stair lifts. We are based in Suffolk and we serve customers in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Northampton, Hertfordshire, Peterborough and Cambridge. As well as supplying private customers, we also supply mobility products and installations to private clients and local authorities.

Personal Service

Our experienced engineers are manufacturer trained and provide a high level of quality service and safety standards. They can talk you through the best options for you according to your disability and the make and model of your vehicle. We have engineers available 24 hours a day both in house and mobile. Our high level of service is provided at the lowest cost possible.

Products to View

At Ransome Mobility we have a demonstration vehicle available for you to view all of our car adaptations and mobility hand controls. This will give you the opportunity to try out the different adaptations that are available before having them installed and see how they feel and if they are comfortable. You can arrange to have a full demonstration either at our workshop or at your home or place of work. The demonstration is completely free of charge. Please call us in advance to arrange. As we use a range of manufacturer’s products we are ideally placed to provide you with impartial advice and recommendations.

Fitting Service

Our highly trained engineers will fit the mobility aids for you at our workshop.  They will install the device for you according to what you have requested in your initial consultation. Our car adaptations are suitable for most makes and models of cars. Our engineers will fit the devices in the best place to suit your driving position and meet your requirements.

Motability Accredited

At Ransome Mobility we are Motability Accredited. There are nearly 5,000 dealerships in Britain where you can lease a Motability car. Each dealership has at least one member of staff that is fully Motability trained. In addition to this, there are over 100 installers of car adaptations. Ransome Mobility is the ideal choice of installer as we have many years experience of helping disabled drivers to get mobile.

Financial Assistance

Motability was set up as a charity in 1977. Since 1978, Motability has provided over three million cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs to disabled people. If you are disabled and in receipt of a mobility allowance, you can use your allowance to lease a Motability car, powered wheelchair or scooter and have any necessary car adaptations installed. You can still get a vehicle if you don’t drive and you can nominate two people to drive on your behalf. Payments are made monthly by the Department of Work and Pensions and cover car payments, insurance, breakdown cover and servicing. If you choose a more expensive or larger car, you may be required to make an advance payment.

About Ransome Mobility

At Ransome Mobility we are ideally placed to assist you with choosing and installing your car adaptations. Contact us today to arrange a viewing of our demonstration vehicle at our workshop or at a location that is convenient for you. At the initial consultation, we will fully assess your requirements according to your disability and your vehicle and ensure that all your needs are met.

Mobility Hand Controls  – contact us now to discuss your requirements.