Mobile Phone Apps for the World of Disabled Motoring

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We are now living in the world of the app, with our lifestyle choices all available at the touch of a mobile phone. The world of disability motoring is being catered for too, as there are several specialist applications now on the market.

Ransome Mobility are experienced suppliers of nearly-new and used WAVs for sale in Suffolk, Norfolk and across East Anglia, and keep up to date with the latest developments in disability motoring. Here is our guide to some of the apps which are useful for drivers or passengers who may have mobility issues.

Note: The information regarding apps in this blog is correct at the time of writing (March 2021) but should not necessarily be viewed as an endorsement or specific recommendation by Ransome Mobility.


Getting Out and About

There are a number of apps which will both have apps which will tell you what disabled access is like for the place you are about to visit, be it a restaurant, shop, library or museum. The It’s Accessible and Access Earth apps are specifically aimed at people with mobility issues; TripTripHurray also includes information on disability access, alongside more general features which focus on the needs of families with babies or pets.

These apps rely heavily on user-generated content from the disabled community who have visited the locations in question, so you should be able to rely on it.


Service Stations on Major Routes

AccessAble, in partnership with Highways England and Motorway Service Operations, is aiming to assess more than 100 service areas on motorways and A-roads for the accessibility of their parking, toilets, petrol stations, shops and restaurants. The plan is to have 113 virtual access guides available either on the AccessAble app or website this year. The guides will include virtual 360-degree imagery, so any disabled motorists will be able to see the routes to any facilities such as accessible toilets.


Getting There in the First Place

The AA and the RAC both have their own apps, which, although they are not aimed specifically at the disability motoring market, have a number of useful features. Both have standard route planners, which can be an advantage if you have difficulty dealing with large-scale maps; these can help you avoid toll roads, congestion charges and motorways. You may also be able to receive real-time information about delays caused by accidents and roadworks.

Both AA and RAC members who install the app can also benefit from additional services such as money-off deals with commercial partners.


Accessible Toilets

If you are driving in an unfamiliar area, then an app which identifies the nearest disabled access toilet can be particularly useful; even more so if someone in the vehicle, be it a driver or a passenger, has a medical condition which may necessitate sudden or frequent trips to the lavatory.

The Changing Places app has a list of more than 1,000 toilets and changing facilities across the UK; alternatives include Toilet Finder and WheelMate.


Filling Up

An app which shows you where the nearest petrol station is can be particularly useful for longer journeys, particularly if you are driving to a holiday destination and you don’t know much about the local area. Both Shell and Esso have their own fuel finder apps which will highlight their closest filling station to your current location.

Both of them offer a mobile payment service, so you don’t have to go inside the shop/kiosk to pay, which can be particularly useful for disabled drivers. There is also an independent app known as fuelService, which locates the nearest accessible petrol station and if there are attendants on hand to help you.



For the more technologically advanced, you can also use your mobile device hands-free, rather than having to stop to use it. The app, called the Dragon Speech Recognition Software, turns your device into a wireless microphone and allows you to search the web without even having to touch the screen; this can be useful for WAV users with limited hand use. You can also use it to create emails, messages and documents.


Used WAVs from Ransome Mobility

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