Five Aids for Mobility About the Home

If you find walking and general movement difficult, there are some home adaptations designed to help make life easier. Ransome Mobility is a long-standing family-run firm which supplies and installs mobility aids for the elderly and less-abled. Here’s our pick of five life-changing aids for mobility for domestic use:

Stairlifts – For those who have trouble negotiating the stairs, there are stairlifts suitable for almost any staircase so you, or a family member, are not limited to the use of one floor. While straight stairlifts are the most popular, curved stairlifts are suitable for stairs with a bend – and we even have makes and models for narrow staircases and stairlifts for passengers who weigh up to 35 stone.

If you don’t want to pay the initial, up-front price of your stairlift, rental options are available for a monthly fee, so you can spread the cost.  Rental stairlifts are also suitable for those recovering after an operation and only require a stairlift for a short period of time.

At Ransome Mobility, we supply and install a wide range of curved and straight stairlifts including leading brands such as Minivator, Homeadapt,  Freelift, Access BDD and Platinum. As an independent supplier, we can advice you on the appliance most suitable for your needs.

East Anglian Based stairlift company Ransome Mobility – Click here to find out more about our aids for mobility in the home.

Through Floor Lifts – This is a more expensive option than a straight or curved stairlift, and of course the price will vary according to the building work required. Choosing the right mobility aid is always a difficult decision to make, but there are certain circumstances where a through floor lift presents the best solution; for example, if you have a progressive illness such as motor neurone disease and feel you can no longer use a stairlift safely. Although a through floor lift takes longer to install than a stairlift, the end result is greater independence.

At Ransome Mobility we sell the hydraulic powered Wessex VW Through Floor Wheelchair Lift which comes with a wide range of features including a powered door for easy access, an alarm system, and independent key switch (to prevent unauthorised access), illuminated controls, remote control, and emergency power backup.

Step Lifts – Step lifts are ideal for wheelchair users who have to negotiate a step to get into their home, and/or have a split level home, with a step up to a room or series of rooms. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, Wessex Step Lifts are accessible via a shallow ramp and can be used on steps that don’t exceed 50cm. For added security, it has various safety features, including non-slip flooring, an interlocking gate, and manual lowering in the event of a power failure.

Bath Lifts – Getting in and out of the bath can be a struggle, particularly if you haven’t got help at home, so unfortunately some people abandon the idea of taking a relaxing soak in the tub altogether. However, reclining bath lifts with anti-slip covers provide the solution to independence. They have easy to use, clearly marked controls, and will only lower you into the water if it has enough power to raise you out of the bath. The Minivator Bliss Reclining Bath Lift has a weight capacity of 20 stone and can be discretely stowed away after use.

For all of the above products contact Ransome Mobility who have more than 30 years of experience in providing mobility aids in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, Hertfordshire, Peterborough and beyond.

Hand Rails – Hand rails are a simple but effective home adaptation that can prove invaluable for those unsteady on their feet. They can be installed almost anywhere – in corridors, living rooms, dining areas and bathrooms – and help with safe movement in and outside the home. Although we don’t sell hand rails and railings at Ransome Mobility, they can be bought from DIY or hardware shops, or you can buy them made to measure.