Curved Stairlifts – Understanding Your Needs

There are all sorts of different types of curved stairlifts on the market and these options may seem overwhelming at first. However, curved stairlifts come with different features that will help you narrow down your search.

Our friendly team of expert consultants at Ransome Mobility will talk through these options with you during your home visit and help guide you through each one.

It is always a good idea to be prepared and get as much information as you can in advance of our visit. This will help you ask all the right questions, so are fully confident in your choice. To assist you, here is our at-a-glance guide to choosing the right curved stairlifts for your needs.

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Complexity of a Staircase

Curved staircases come in many different forms and each are tailored to suit individual staircases. From spiral staircases, to staircases with tight bends, or narrow staircases, there are many different shapes and varieties.

The Flow 2 Stairlift has a slim line design, which is perfect for tricky staircases or narrow stairs.  Its Advanced Rise Monitoring system simply turns the chair as it moves, so it can gently glide past tight bends. It is ideal for use on spiral staircases and is suitable for staircases as narrow as 61 cms. The rail fits closely to the wall (as narrow as 8 cm). It also has a ‘drop nose’ option so it does not block doorways.

The Van Gogh is another type of curved stairlift which is ideal for use on more complicated and difficult staircases. It has several rail design options, so you can choose the right one for your home and also works on steep staircases.

The Elite Curved is another great space saver, as the rail attaches to the steps, rather than the walls. This means that this type of stairlift can be installed as close as 178 mm to the wall.

Catering for Movement Restrictions

Curved stairlifts are available with all sorts of options designed to make your life easier. If you have certain restrictions, such as limited ability in your hands or knees, for instance, there are makes and models for you.
Look for:

  • A toggle switch – Minivator’s unique toggle switch can be used by those with arthritic hands.
  • Powered or linked footrests – Most curved stairlifts have the option of powered or linked footrests such as the Homeadapt Elite (curved rail), the Platinum Curved, Freelift and Minivator 2000.
  • Powered Swivel Seats – Homeadapt Elite, Platinum Curved, Freelift Van Gogh and Minivator 2000.
  • Perch option – for those who have difficulty bending their knees – Minivator 2000.
  • Smooth ride – Homeadapt Elite

More than One User

Sometimes, a stairlift will have more than one user or will be operated by a carer. This is where dual remote controls are a necessity, so the second user can call the stairlift down if it is on a different floor.

All the makes and models of curved stairlifts we sell have dual control operating systems and come with two remote controls.

Other Family Members and Pet Owners

If there are other people in the house, or if you have dogs or cats, you will want to make sure your lift stops automatically in the event of an obstruction.

All our makes and models have various safety features. The Flow 2 has pressure sensitive edging, so it will stop straight away if there is something preventing it gliding up or down the stairs.

Key switches are another safety measure to prevent children, or other family members, playing with the stairlift. All our curved stairlifts have these key switches.

Typical Usage Pattern

Many people want a stairlift that will fold away after use and all the curved stairlifts are able to do this.

Having more than one remote control is important, not only for households with more than one user, but also if you only want to use the stairlift going up, but want to come downstairs by foot.

Temporary or Permanent

Sometimes curved stairlifts are installed temporarily, rather than permanently, to help someone adjust during their recovery from an accident or illness.

Although you cannot rent curved stairlifts (as they are tailor made to suit individual staircases) you can buy them reconditioned (second hand) and this is cheaper than buying new. If you are buying a stairlift for permanent use, then consider the cost of buying new, compared to how much you will use it.

Curved Stairlifts – click here to view our range of products.