Curved Stairlifts – Guide to Our Curved Stairlift Models

If you need a curved stairlift for your home, Ransome Mobility sell a wide range of curved stairlifts from leading manufacturers. We are an independent company so we are not tied to one particular make or model which means we can advise freely to ensure our customers pick the right straight or curved stairlifts for their needs.

Our showroom features curved stairlifts for you to view and to try out and we also offer a free survey and quotation. Once your chosen curved stairlift has been tailor made (which can take 2 – 8 weeks) we offer next day delivery so you can start using it as soon as possible.

If you are looking to buy one of our curved stairlifts, here is our at-a-glance guide to the makes and models we sell and the benefits each one brings.

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Homeadapt Elite

You can glide safely and easily up and down stairs with elegantly designed Homeadapt Elite curved stairlifts. They can also be built to suit straight stairs for customers who prefer to have more space to get on and off, as it can be made to turn the corner at either end of the stairs for easier dismounting.

Standard features include wider and more comfortable seating, a 30 stone weight capacity, foldaway arms, seat and footplate, an easy to use seatbelt, adjustable seat height, manual swivel seat, toggle operating switch and two remote controls. It also features easy to read, at-a-glance charging station indicator lights at the top and bottom of the rail.

Homeadapt Elite curved stairlifts have a discreet design which, as the rail is fitted to the steps, rather than the walls, creates extra space for you and for other stair users. It also features a mid park and charge station. Optional extras include a linked footrest, a powered swivel seat and a powered hinged track.

Key Benefits – This model can support passengers weighing up to 30 stone and offers comfortable seating with 584 mm between the arms. It can also be installed on straight stairs for passengers who want to make the best use of space. The solid steel rail has been designed for smooth and safe travel to each floor. The Homeadapt Elite benefits from an easy to read visually coded diagnostic panel for maintenance purposes.

Platinum Curved

This is a slimline curved stairlift that blends easily with your home. It is suitable for most types of curved staircases and can be made and installed much more quickly than other stairlifts because of its design and swift manufacturing process.

The Platinum curved stairlifts provide a smooth and comfortable ride up the stairs and round corners. As it hugs the rail closely, it is suitable for most types of curved stairs.  The standard features include a retractable seat belt, joy stick controls, an automatic swivel seat to get on and off easily, a battery back-up in the event of a power failure, remote control, a safety key switch, footrest and fully adjustable seat height. The comfortable padded seat comes in a range of colour options.

For effortless passage up and down stairs it is powered by a PMDC motor and for extra stability it benefits from a twin rail mechanical levelling system.

Key Benefits – Platinum Curved stairlifts benefits from a fast manufacturing process so you can quickly regain your independence as your stairlift is promptly made and installed in your home. It is ideal for most curved staircases and features a built in safety brake to reduce the speed of the lift if it goes too fast on descent.


Fitting beautifully and discreetly into your home, the Flow is very versatile stairlift, perfect for tricky shaped staircases, narrow stairs or staircases with more than just one landing. The chair and footrest turns as it moves so it can negotiate even the narrowest areas.

Some of the standard features of Flow curved stairlifts are a retractable seat belt, fully padded seat in a range of colours, two remote controls, a choice of three easy to use joy sticks (which also doubles up as a safety key switch), adjustable seat height, manual swivel seat and foldaway seat, arm and footrests.

Key Benefits – The Flow is very slimline and is ideal for unusual and very narrow staircases (as narrow as 61 cm) or homes with limited space. Its Advanced Ride Monitoring System is ideal for a smooth ride round corners that could otherwise be a tight squeeze. The Flow can be fitted to the outside or inside of the stairs and has a special drop nose rail option so it does not obstruct any doorways at the base of the stairs.

Minivator 2000

The Minivator 2000 is a very reliable and effective stairlift and has an easy to use toggle which can be used by people with arthritic hands. It can also be installed to suit either right or left-handed customers.

The standard features offered by the Minivator 2000 include two remote controls, a safety key switch (to stop unauthorised use of the stairlift), a fully adjustable seat height, fold away seat, arms and footplate and manual swivel seat.

Some of the optional extras include a perch seat, a powered footrest rise and/or a powered swivel seat and a power hinged track to clear hallways and doors. The padded seat also comes in a range of colour options to blend easily with the decor of your home.

Key Benefits – The Minivator 2000 offers great value for money and has a simple, low cost design. It can be fitted internally or externally and to a range of different staircases.

Freelift Van Gogh

The Van Gogh stairlift fits to the external bend of the stairs and offers a very smooth ride. It benefits from a very slim and compact design which works well with all types of home. It also has a foldaway seat, arms and footrest to save on space and allow room for other stair users.

Standard features include an easy to use joystick control (for left and right-handed users), two remote controls, an independent safety key switch, manual swivel seat and a padded seat in a range of colours to blend in with your home. You can also choose from a number of optional extras including a linked footrest (to save on having to bend down to fold the footrest up), a powered swivel seat to make getting on and off easier and an automatic powered hinged track to keep doors and hallways clear.

Key Benefits – The Van Gogh has a very neat and compact slim line design. If a stairway is especially narrow it can travel downwards at a 45 degree angle which also offers a solution for those who have difficulty bending their knees.

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