Caring for a Relative with a Terminal Illness – Choosing a Stairlift

If you are caring for a friend or relative with a terminal illness, while this will be a turbulent and emotional time for both you and your loved one, there are some ways of making it easier – and straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts may help provide a solution in some circumstances.

It may be that you are caring for your relative at home, rather than a hospital, and this can be overwhelming – both physically and mentally – especially if you provide round the clock care to meet the needs of your loved one.

In some cases a relative who has difficulty with mobility as a result of their illness, may not want to move downstairs as they do not want to adjust to this change, but are finding it harder or almost impossible to use the stairs.

If your relative has limited movement, this can feel very restrictive and lead to frustration for the person who is ill, as they are completely dependent on the carer in their home. The carer can feel helpless too, as they want to make things as comfortable as possible for their loved one.

One of the things that can help in circumstances like this is to have either straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts installed which will give your relative freedom to use any part of the home as and when they choose.

It means that your loved one does not have to depend on you, the carer, to have access to all areas of the house and it gives them the freedom to come downstairs to watch television or to see visitors.

Straight stairlifts or curved stairlifts not only means a better quality of life for the relative who is ill, but also benefits the carer too as the happiness of their relative is their utmost priority and they will want their relative to be as comfortable as possible. And it usually provides significant practical help for the carer too – a more independent relative means less burden on the carer to be on hand every minute of the day. At the very least, it usually means a lot less physical effort from the carer. In short, a stairlift can mean better quality of life for both of you.

If you want to find out how straight stairlifts or a curved stairlifts may help, there is lots of information available on this website. Just read on to find out more on how a stairlift may be able to benefit you and your loved one.

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Stairlifts and Their Features

If your relative’s home has a straight staircase, it may be possible to rent rather than buy. Renting still means you have a high quality stairlift as well as the excellent aftercare service that Ransome Mobility provide.

If you have stairs with a bend or curve, the only option is to buy a new, or reconditioned (second hand) stairlift. This is again a cheaper alternative to buying new and the user still benefits from the same aftercare service.

Whether you intend to rent or buy, you may want to think about what features you require to provide the best benefits.

All our straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts come with adjustable seats, comfortable seat padding, supportive seat belts, manual swivel seats, battery power, easy to use toggles and two remote controls as standard. Having two remote controls allows either the carer or the user to call the stairlift up or down as required.

Other options for straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts include a perch seat which is suitable for those who have difficulty bending their knees for example, if your loved one has a lymphatic condition. You may also want a powered footrest or linked footrest to save discomfort bending down.

There are stairlifts to suit all types of stairs – even narrow or spiral staircases – and our experienced engineers will be able to talk through the various makes and models with you and how they work. It may be, for instance, that your relative has an entrance or cupboard door near the stairs, and would benefit from a manual hinge or powered track which will clear these doorways either during or after use. A manual version means lifting the track by hand, however, if this is not suitable, there are powered versions which may benefit both you and your relative.

If you or your relative has pets, the safety sensor feature means that the lift will stop automatically in the event of an obstruction – such as a dog or cat getting in front of the stairlift.

And if there is a power cut for any reason, the stairlift can still be used as the batteries are charged continuously.

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