Car Adaptations – Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of car are suitable for car adaptations?
Although MPV’s, 4x4s, estates and hatchbacks are the best types of car for adaptations, most adaptations can be carried out on most vehicles. At Ransome Mobility we can advise on all types of vehicle adaptations that are bespoke for each individual disability and that are suitable for specific vehicles.

Will my car be usable by other drivers?
Many of the mobility products can be easily removed when the car is being driven by an able-bodied driver. The twin flip foot accelerator can be switched to sit either to the left or the right of the brake pedal, so both drivers with disabilities and able-bodied drivers can drive the car. Steering wheel knobs and balls can be easily removed when the car is being driven by an able-bodied driver.

Can I get assistance to pay for the car adaptations I need?
Disabled drivers may be eligible for funding to lease a new car and also to fund car adaptations. Motability have helped over three million disabled people get mobile by leasing a car, wheelchair or scooter in exchange for their mobility allowance. Family, friends and carers can drive on behalf of a disabled person in the event that they are not able to drive themselves. You may be eligible for this scheme if you are in receipt of the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS), the Armed Forces Independent Payment (AFIP), the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA) or the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (EMRC PIP). .

The Motability scheme helps clients to enjoy easy mobility by providing vehicles and support to those eligible. Under the scheme people can receive a new scooter, powered wheelchair or car every three years, repairs, maintenance and servicing, breakdown cover, insurance from RSA mobility (RSAM) and vehicle adaptations, often with no extra cost.

Motability can sometimes offer financial help for people that need a specific car due to their disability and are unable to find the funds for the advance payment. They can also provide financial assistance for customers that require a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) or essential adaptations, which may be incur additional costs. People are expected to contribute as much as they can afford and financial assistance is only provided for the least expensive option that suits the individual’s needs.

You can get further information and find out if you’re eligible at the Motability website.

How do I know which adaptations are best for me?
At Ransome Mobility we can give advice on the best car adaptations available to meet individual requirements, according to the individual’s specific disability and vehicle. We will fully assess the client’s needs at the initial consultation.

What if I need multiple adaptations?

There are many adaptations that can be installed in the same vehicle depending on the client’s requirements. Nearly all of our adaptations can be installed together and we would be happy to advice on which combinations of adaptations would suit you.

How can I see the available adaptations before I buy?
We have recently developed a comprehensive Motability Demonstration vehicle to enable our clients to easily understand the benefits of the various car adaptations and how they can facilitate easy and effortless transportation and improve quality of life. The vehicle demonstrates the full range of available products including the Carony system, turn out swivel seat, steering ball, left foot accelerator, push and pull hand controls and infra-red controls. The demonstration vehicle is ideal for clients that want try out an adaptation before getting it fitted or to view the range of products on offer. The demonstration is carried out completely free of charge, either at our premises or at the client’s home. Contact us to arrange a demonstration and a full consultation tailored to meet your needs.

If you want any clarification on these subjects or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us to arrange a free consultation where we can fully assess your requirements and the suitability of your vehicle. At Ransome Mobility we provide a wide range of mobility solutions  that are easy to use and enable easy and effortless mobility. The mini hoists and heavy duty hoists mean that wheelchairs and scooters van be lifted into vehicles in a matter of seconds. Swivel seats provide easy access in and out of vehicles for disabled drivers and passengers. Steering balls, infra-red controls, left foot accelerators and other gadgets ensure that driving is an easy and effortless experience for those with impaired mobility. In nearly all cases we can find bespoke solutions that work for you and fit the needs of you and your vehicle.

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