Car Adaptations for Scooter and Wheelchair Users

At Ransome Mobility we can provide a range of car adaptations designed to help transport scooter and wheelchair users and their vehicles. We are a Motability accredited installer and we provide a high quality of service and car adaptations and installations for disabled drivers. Our service includes free collection and delivery from your home and place of work.

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Scooter and Wheelchair Transport

Car Adaptations – Light wheelchair lifts and mini hoists for scooters

These mini hoists are designed to facilitate the ease of loading and unloading lightweight scooters and wheelchairs weighing between 40kg and 80kg. We have a variety of mini hoists that fit a range of vehicles including 4x4s, MPV, hatchbacks and estates.

We have a hoist option available for scooters and wheelchairs that fit into the vehicles luggage compartment without needing to be collapsed. The hoists are powered by the vehicles battery and can easily be controlled with the touch of button.

It’s easy to attach and detach the lift bracket and once the scooter or wheelchair is loaded it is held in place by a retaining system. The hoist unit can be easily removed when not in use and the frames only takes up a small amount of space.

The mini hoist comes in two options: 2 way and 4 way powered. The 4 way system is fully automated, while the 2 way option requires the user to manually manoeuvre the equipment into place once the hoist has raised and lowered it. The units load and unload lightweight scooters and wheelchairs  quickly and easily.

The mini hoist folds discreetly away in the vehicle and can be easily moved from one vehicle to another. Our units are easy to use and make day to day transportation a seamless and effortless experience.

The lightweight hoists are available under the Motability scheme and come with a 12 month warranty.

Car Adaptations – Heavy duty hoists for heavier scooters and powered wheelchairs

Our heavy duty hoists have the same benefits of the mini hoists but they are more powerful. They are suitable for scooters and powered wheelchairs weighing between 100kg and 150kg. Our heavy duty hoists can be fitted to most 4x4s, MPV’s, estate cars and some hatchbacks. They fit unobtrusively into the luggage compartment of the vehicle and will not damage the car in anyway. The hoists can be easily transferred when the time comes to purchase a new vehicle.

These hoists have easy to use hand controls and make it easy to lift even heavy wheelchairs and scooters. Even people with impaired dexterity or strength will find the lift bracket easy to attach. The hoists are powered by the vehicles battery and are therefore always ready to be used.

There are two models available: a 2 way powered hoist and a 4 way fully automated hoist. The 4 way options manoeuvres the scooter or wheelchair directly in and out of the vehicle, while the 2 way option does all the lifting and lowering but requires you to manually move it in and out of the luggage compartment.

The heavy duty hoists are available under the Motability scheme and come with a 12 month warranty.

Transfer Systems

Car Adaptations – The Carony Turnout System

The Carony Turnout system is used for assisting a wheelchair user to get in and out of the car without lifting. It is an easy to use wheel unit and dockable chair that can be used inside and outside the vehicle. The system enables passengers to get in and out of the vehicle without  being lifted. The chair and passenger can be moved from the wheel unit and into the vehicle together. The wheel unit can be easily stored in the luggage compartment when it’s not being used and  can be used as a wheelchair outside the vehicle.  It is designed for both comfort and practicality and there are a number of add-on gadgets  available to meet a variety of uses and functions. At Ransome Mobility we can fit the Carony Turnout system to almost any vehicle. It can be combined with a swivel system, which may be necessary in high-sill vehicles such as minibuses. Our highly trained engineers will carry out the installation and ensure that they meet the customer requirements as well as safety needs.

The Carony Turnout System is available under the Motability scheme.

At Ransome Mobility every installation we undertake is carried out with the utmost care and professionalism and meets a high standard of safety. All our vehicle adaptations are covered by a 12 month warranty and all our customers are offered free annual follow up checks.  We design and install mobility units according to the bespoke requirements of each individual customer and vehicle.

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