Car Adaptations – A Spotlight on Push/Pull Hand Controls

If you are a driver and have full use of your upper body but are restricted in your mobility, you may need car adaptations offering an alternative to foot pedals so you can operate the brake and accelerator safely. There are a wide range of disabilities such as arthritis, paralysis or loss of a leg which can make it impossible to operate the foot pedals, . Having the ability to operate these controls by hand instead gives you the freedom to drive and get out and about when you need to.

Push/pull hand controls have been in existence for well over 40 years and have become more comfortable and easier to operate. A modern control of this type is easy to operate, as it just works in two directions. You just pull the handle towards you to accelerate, release it to slow down, and push it away from you in order to brake.

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How Push/Pull Hand Controls Work

Having a push/pull control installed doesn’t mean that the pedals have to be taken out of the car. In fact, with this type of control it is vital that the pedals are still in place, because the mechanism actually works by pushing the pedals down. The controls don’t obstruct the pedals themselves, as they are clamped around their necks.

Some hand controls available on the market are installed on the outside of the steering wheel, which makes it harder for other drivers, such as an able-bodied partner, to use the vehicle. However, Ransome Mobility’s hand controls are installed on the inside of the steering column, which means that your partner or another driver can also use the vehicle safely, as the car adaptations won’t get in the way when they are driving.

Whether you have a van, a people carrier, a family car, small hatchback, city runabout or luxury vehicle, the push/pull hand controls can be installed in most models, although they are only available for automatic vehicles rather than manual cars.

Use of the controls can be as comfortable as you choose, because a foam cover is available as an optional extra. Other extras include an indicator switch on the hand controls, which you may find easier to use than your vehicle’s standard indicator switch.

Ransome Mobility’s fully trained expert engineers will be able to install the hand controls at the right height for you and to suit your optimum driving position, meaning that the device is ready to use straight away.

If you want to have a demonstration before deciding whether this type of control is what you are looking for, then we can provide this, as we have a demonstration vehicle showcasing the full range of driving aids that we offer. While you can book an appointment to see the demo vehicle at Ransome Mobility’s workshop, we can also come to your home or workplace if it is easier, so you can see it at first-hand how to use it.

Ransome has Motability accreditation, meaning that our engineers have specialist training in installing driving aids under the scheme. The push/pull controls are available under the Motability scheme, which means that if you receive a higher-rate mobility allowance you can use all or part of it to pay for a vehicle adapted to your needs.

Range of Adaptations

In the 30 years since Ransome Mobility was founded, we have built up an outstanding reputation in our field. We are based in Suffolk but also operate in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Our engineers are known for their friendly personal service and for being highly knowledgeable in their field. Whether you need mobility aids for work, home, for a business, or vehicle adaptations, we will talk over the various options with you, so you have the right mobility and driving aids to suit your requirements.

In addition to push/pull hand controls, we also offer:

  • Wireless keypad controls: These hand controls allow you to operate secondary functions in your car by touching a button
  • Steering wheel balls: If you find it difficult to use a steering wheel, this device will give greater control
  • Easy release hand brake: This makes it easier to use the parking brake
  • Twin flip foot accelerator: If you have difficulty in using a right-foot accelerator, this flips it to the left foot, but can easily be changed back for another driver
  • Minihoists: Lightweight and heavy-duty models to lift a scooter, wheelchair or power chair into your car boot
  • Transfer systems: A unique transport wheelchair can enable passengers to get into the car without the need for lifting
  • Carony Drive wheelchair: This hi-tech option means you can get into your vehicle and drive it without leaving your wheelchair.

About Ransome Mobility

If you are seeking car adaptations to give you greater independence and freedom, then Ransome Mobility are the people to call for expert advice and installation. We give the highest standards of service at the lowest prices available.

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